Home Intro

homesweethome1Growing up in New York City, I knew that unless I had Rockefeller money, moving to the neighboring ‘burbs was my only option of owning a house. Yes, “house.” Not an apartment. Not a studio. I wanted a multi-level, detached H.O.U.S.E. I was fine with selling my city girl soul for some much needed living space (indoors and outdoors).

In April, 2005 (months before our wedding), Chris and I bought our first and current home in the ‘burbs. We must have toured 30 homes in the area before purchasing our split-level house:

1980’s sky blue exterior vinyl siding, brown (once beige) carpeted floors, blue toilets, checkered blue and white bathroom tiles, blue porcelain-enameled tub, tan shell-shaped vanity basin, faux-brick kitchen backsplash, flower patterned kitchen wallpaper, linoleum kitchen floors, plexi-glass/single-paned windows, and a hippie beaded patio door curtain to boot!

Alas, it was love at first sight…if we were blindWhen our agent left the Open House with us, he whispered, “Yeah, I don’t recommend it. I’ll find something better for you guys.” Two hours later, Chris and I were at his office ready to draw up an offer. I somehow convinced Chris that the fixer upper was meant for us. It met our 2 top priorities: safe neighborhood and good school district. Any negatives on purchasing the house were mainly cosmetic. All changeable. Sure, some major renovations needed to be done but everything can be Beau-tee-fied with some creativity, patience, and effort! Oh yeah, one more thing…willingness to dish out some cash helps too.

This page will highlight anything and everything that relates to the home. I will share photos and commentary on renovations we have done through the years and the ongoing improvements that take place. As you know, home ownership = never-ending stream of home projects. I will also post about home products/furnishings that I either purchase or lust over. Home Sweet Home is a constant but Home Decor is ever evolving in my world. There’s no end in sight with my obsession.