Reading the paper while I drink my coffee in the morning is one of my favorite ways to start the day. Yes, I still get the news through print medium instead of just through the internet like many in my age group and those who are younger.

Since we get the paper delivered daily, you can imagine how quickly it accumulates around our home. The good news is that I’m always either recycling or re-using the paper in some form.

In fact, some of my favorite ways of re-using our newspaper will soon be shared on national T.V! Yes, lovely readers…this blogger/DIY-er recently traveled to New York City for a guest appearance on a nationally syndicated talk show. UPDATE: My segment aired on the Dr. Oz show on October 5th on FOX channel. Here’s a picture from the taping:

Dr Oz Newspaper Segment - Beauteeful Living

Since my T.V. appearance featured some of the ways I re-use newspaper, I thought I’d share 10 Ingenious Ways to Re-Use Newspaper Around the Home:

1) Wrapping Gifts

In the photo below, I wrapped a book I gave to Ellie as a little “Back to School” gift. If you want to make newspaper wrap look extra beauteeful, simply add ribbon (or twine) and a cute tag to complete the look.

Newspaper gift wrap

2) Lining Vegetable Drawer

By lining your vegetable drawer, you will be able to keep your drawer odor free as well as absorb any mess from rotten produce. Replacing the newspaper once a week is about as frequent as you will need. Just doing this simple trick can prolong the life of your produce by 3 – 5 days.

Newspaper Lining Veggie Drawers

3) Cleaning Doors and Windows

Not only are you saving money from not having to use paper towels, the newspaper provides excellent streak-free and lint-free cleaning! Just ball the newspaper up and clean your glass doors and windows as you normally would with paper towels.

P.S. You can create an effective and chemical-free cleaning solution by combining 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% tap water. Add a few squeezes of lemon if you want to diffuse some of the vinegar scent.

Newspaper cleaning

4) Retaining Shape of Boots

To prevent boots from slouching or losing their original shape, stuffing them with newspaper after use is a great alternative to using boot shapers.

Tip: For easy access, leave a bag of balled up newspaper near your shoe storage area.


5) Disposable Table Mats

Nothing like going rustic when it comes to eating seafood. Seafood meals are messy. Laying newspaper down as table mats makes total sense. My parents taught me this trick very early in life! Every Asian person reading this post can probably relate. 😉

Newspaper as disposable table mat

Like the tips so far? Here are 5 More Ingenious Ways to Re-use Newspaper around the home:

6) Housetraining a Puppy

Those “wee wee” pads can get pricey quick. Newspapers work just as well. Just be sure to include enough layers!

7) Ripening Avocados and Tomatoes

Why use brown paper bags to ripen avocados or tomatoes when you can simply use a sheet of newspaper to do the same job? Just be sure to leave opening on top to allow ripening process as well as avoid mold from forming (this pertains to tomatoes especially).

8) Cleaning Your Barbecue

I love this trick of soaking newspaper in water and laying the sheets over a warm barbecue grill. All you have to do is close the BBQ lid and leave the newspaper for approximately an hour. After that, simply remove the newspaper and wipe the grill until clean.

9) Cobweb Remover

Make your own Swiffer duster by simply rolling newspaper, wrapping the middle with a rubberband, cutting strips on one end and then using it to remove cobwebs inside or outside your home.

10) Shoe Deodorizer

You can combat odor in footwear by stuffing your shoes/sneakers/boots with balls of newspaper. Simply leave the newspaper balls overnight and the odors will disappear by the next day.

I hope you found these 10 tips helpful. You can bookmark this page or Pin It for future reference! Don’t forget to share with others who may benefit from these thrifty and useful ideas. You’re the best!

Ways to Reuse Newspaper - Beauteeful Living

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Did you have a favorite from these 10 tips featured today? Do you have a favorite way of reusing newspaper? Xo, Tee.

Update (10/12/15) – Here’s the guest segment clip that I recently posted to Beauteeful Living’s Facebook page:

I shared this Dr. Oz segment the other day with my friends & family. Today, I’m so happy to share it with my wonderful Beauteeful Living subscribers! This experience is a perfect example of repressing that thought in your mind that says “you can’t do something” and instead ask “why not? I’m glad I agreed to do this segment. I hope you enjoy it! Xo, Tee #happyfriday

Posted by Beauteeful Living on Friday, October 9, 2015