Back in aΒ postΒ from early spring, I mentioned how I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite flowers from our garden. Well, the day has arrived and I’m thrilled to show you 3 of my favorites. Not only will you see these flowers in their original form (planted in ground), you will also see them displayed in vases.


Over the years, we’ve planted 3 hydrangea bushes in our yard (1 pink and 2 blue). I love hydrangeas for their clusters of 4-leaf flowers and their bright, glossy leaves.

Although my hydrangeas have bloomed for weeks now, it was only a few days ago that I cut their blooms. Two reasons:

(1) It’s nice to enjoy the blooms outdoors first.

(2) Cutting the blooms when the clusters haven’t matured (full color realized), minimizes how long the blooms last indoors.

hydrengea2) PEONIES

This is my all-time favorite flower! This flower will always have a special place in my heart because it always brings back fond memories of wedding planning. I wanted peonies for my wedding flowers after seeing them in a bridal magazine. It wasn’t meant to be though. Peonies bloom in the spring; we planned our wedding for late August. Even so, the mere thought of peonies reminds me of how much I enjoyed planning the details of our wedding.

When Chris and I moved into our home back in 2005, luck will have it that the previous owners had peonies in the backyard. It was one of the best gifts they left us, the new homeowners.

DSC05662Just 3 stems made this full floral arrangement. This is an extremely fragrant flower!

peonies3) SHRUB ROSES

I love the shrub roses alongside our fence. I love how these roses bloom throughout the spring and summer seasons. Hardy in nature, they rarely need much watering or extra care. Since our rose bushes are planted in front of our house (on side), we don’t have to worry about our kids or dogs getting pricked by their thorns. Although tiny, these thorns are sharp!

pinkrosebushHow beauteeful are these blooms in a vase? * West Elm placemat *

roseinvaseWant extra credit? Place the vase of flowers inside a large lantern. It makes a stylish and interesting centerpiece!


Flowers are one of the best ways to “accessorize” the home. They bring life, color, and natural fragrance to your home. Naturally, when flowers come from your very own garden, they are twice as enjoyable. πŸ™‚

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