With Easter arriving next weekend, I thought I’d share what I put together for the kids’ Easter baskets this year. Between all the things the girls received in recent months, I decided to limit this year’s basket to only 6 items and 1 combined gift to share. Less things = less clutter.

Both Ellie and Lauren’s baskets have the following items:

Beach towel, bathing suit, sidewalk chalk, favorite snack, Card games, and Educational flashcards


As a joint gift for the girls, I purchased a bubble machine that spins and has colored lights (purchased at Target). I know they will love it. I also know it will buy me 20 minutes of peace during each play session. Crossing my fingers that this model makes it through more than 1 season. This will be my 3rd bubble machine to date!


Here are ten other “outside of the basket” ideas for creating a fun and practical Easter basket for kids:

1. DVD movie (Consider singalong CD’s for young tots)
2. Favorite character/Superhero Tee (We may not like it but they certainly do!)
3. Flashlights or headlamps (They can “pretend” to camp under their covers.)
4. Small Nerf ball
5. Swim goggles
6. LEGO minifigures
7. Paint set (Washable fingerpaint for young tots)
8. Whoopee cushion (Hours of laughs will ensue. Trust me.)
9. Baseball cap or sun hat
10. Small water gunĀ (Bath toy for young tots)

Candy is something I always avoid placing in any basket that I create for the kids. I’m sure my mother-in-law will be compensating my “no-candy in basket” rule with plenty of Kit-Kats in her own baskets. Personally, I think she buys Kit-Kats because my husband loves them and ends up eating all the ones that I confiscate! šŸ™‚

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