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Hi! I am Carrie over at Curly Crafty Mom and I am a DIY/crafting blogger with a little bit of fashion mixed in. I am a christian, wife to my first kiss and a mother to a six and nine year old! I believe life is about not being afraid to fulfill your dreams… and, I really do believe that dreams can come to true if you believe they will! I am a seven time half marathon finisher and a marathon wanna-be, I believe in true love, enjoy pinot noir and cherry limeades, romantic dates with my husband, one-on-one time with my kids, reading, travel, anything Paris, Disney, and fun and carefree days with my family. Blogging is a creative outlet for me and is where I share my creativity and love for fashion. I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself!
Midview4Today I am sharing my fall porch tour and I hope you’ll get a mug of hot tea and sit down and enjoy these fall-colored photos of my porch.
Here is a view of the entire porch first, before I show detail photos of every nook and cranny. 🙂 In October, I’ll be doing a Halloween Home Tour (inside AND out!) and I do switch up a few things on the porch then. Hopefully all of the mums will be blooming-away by then for a more colorful photo of the front!
I usually enjoy decorating with a lot of different pots, mums-galore, colorful pillows, pumpkins, etc. Maybe one year I will do an all neutral porch, because I do like to change it up a little every year. 🙂 This year I decided to fill my new galvanized bucket with a couple of mums and I snuck a mini-white pumpkin in with them. I always buy my mums when they are all buds (so they last longer) and I can’t wait for them to bloom.

Here is the personalized galvanized bucket that says ‘Carrie’s Garden’ and it is filled with some mums and a white pumpkin. In the spring I had it filled with bulbs and wave petunias. 


Here is this entire little space. When Oct. 1st hits, I can turn the pumpkin pot around and it has a jack-o-lantern face on the other side. 🙂


I have a wooden chicken wire wagon that I purchased at our grocery store last year and I painted it white (it was an ugly green color). The mini hay bails are from Hobby Lobby and I reuse them every year. And, yes… those are real pumpkins I picked up at the grocery store. We usually don’t hit the pumpkin patch until October… it is just too hot still in September here.


Next, I will show you some details from the bench area of the porch.


Here sits my scarecrow, who I purchased the first year we got this house… 12 years ago! He has held up nicely (thanks to a covered porch) and I always look forward to getting him out.

This little mini chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby and I use it for so many different things! The white pumpkin here is fake… everyone needs a good fake white pumpkin 🙂

I enjoy changing up the pillows on our bench each season. I actually had these same pillows on it last fall and I’m sharing them again. 


The leopard print pumpkin pillow was a Hobby Lobby find and I just love it!


Now a tour of the front door area… we have a pretty large covered porch and it is so fun to decorate!
On each side of our door we have urns with a monogram of our last name initial on them. I put seasonal flowers in the urns all year round. Each has a different colored mum and I also placed a little white mini pumpkin in front of the urn.
I made this door mat with spray paint (see ombre door mat DIY HERE) and it is still so vibrant and fun to pull out each fall!
Welcome Sign by the door.


Now, if only our sweet gum tree would start turning color… it is SUCH a beautiful tree with its fall foliage, but the gum balls are NOT so beautiful when they come down later. 😉


Well, that wraps up my fall porch tour. Thanks for following along! – Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom


Isn’t Carrie’s fall porch adorable? I love all the personal touches Carrie added to her porch like those monogrammed urns and that personalized throw pillow!

The Holiday Craftacular Fall Tour and Link Up continues tomorrow as Becky, from The Dempster Logbook will be sharing with us her Farm Home Tour. Catch you back here tomorrow! XO, Tee