We are days away from going camping for the first time in almost 7 years! For a while now, I’ve wanted to go camping like college days but because of a pretty big detail (having young kids), the idea wasn’t very appealing. The notion of running after tots at camp, everyone sleeping in one enclosed space, and hungry mosquitoes circling about, left very little to be desired. Alas, the kids are older now.

The last time I went camping, I was about 2 months pregnant with my first-born, Ellie. It wasn’t the best idea for a weekend getaway considering I was stricken with nausea. Morning sickness and camping don’t exactly go nicely together.

Since the camping trip was to celebrate a friend’s birthday and plans were arranged months before, I decided to
“woman up” and just pack the extra fluffy pillow and prepare my stomach for some food overload that weekend. What is camping without the ridiculous amounts of food being thrown on the fire? My favorite part.

People are often surprised when they hear that I actually like camping, as in doing the “tent” thing. Cabin? I’ve done that once during High School and it’s only because it was a class trip. All other times, I’ve slept in a tent. You see, this city girl can be placed in rugged settings. I somehow feel judged for never wearing sneakers! 😉

I’m looking forward to sharing pictures from this mini “rustic” getaway. If you’re looking to go camping, here are some items to consider: (P.S. We’re bringing all of these with us!)

1) Coleman Tent with Rainfly canopy (Link for Tent)(Link for Canopy)











2) Hanging light/fan for tent (Link)









 3) AeroBed Queen-sized Double-High Airbed (Link)








4) Head lamps (Kids will enjoy these) (Link)










5) Lantern for adults and Flashlight for kids (Link for lantern) (Link for flashlight)









6) Camping chairs for Adults and Kids (Link for adult chairs) (Link for kids chairs)









7) Small Weber grill  (Link)












Next week, there will be a full post about my camping adventure with the family. It appears that the campground we’re visiting has everything under the sun. Oh yeah, 2  friends of ours will be joining us with their 2 kids too. Our kids are close buddies so let’s hope they keep each other entertained while the adults hover over the food by the campfire! Can…Not…Wait.

Do you enjoy camping? Like this post or have a comment? Thanks for reading!