Kitchen renovation - Beauteeful LivingToday, I’m sharing photos from one of the first major renovations we’ve done to our home since purchasing it 10 years ago. I’ve wanted to share these photos since I started blogging over a year ago. What took so long?

Well, you can probably tell that these photos came from a camera from 8 years ago. Although not the highest of resolution, I’m still glad to have these photos to share.

Let’s start with the “Before” photos. You’ll notice that our old kitchen was in need of a total gut job! No DIY with this project. While my husband designed the kitchen plan, we hired professionals to do this kitchen renovation.

1) We hated everything about our old kitchen: Old cabinets, lack of counter space, electric stove top, linoleum floors, non-working exhaust fan, and faux-brick backsplash. I can go on and on…

Before Kitchen renovation

2) As you can see from photos below, our old kitchen did not have open views of our dining room and living room. That had to be changed!

Before Kitchen renovation 2

3) Bye bye, old cabinets and pipe lines! What a scary photo.

kitchen renoveation cabinets out

4) We had “window cut-outs” on the walls facing our living room. On the wall facing our dining room, we halved that wall to allow for a kitchen peninsula.

kitchen renovation wall opening

5) Since we closed up our kitchen door (leading to backyard), we had sliding doors installed in our dining room. This let in so much more light into our living and dining space! 🙂

Kitchen renovation sliding door install

6) The AFTER PHOTOS now….Finally! Reminder: This renovation took place 8 years ago.

Kitchen renovation after

7) More photos of how our kitchen was completely transformed. We prefer the streamlined modern contemporary style.

Kitchen renovation after2

8) Here’s a photo of some new cabinets in our kitchen. I love how we can see our entire living room thanks to these “window openings.”

Kitchen renovation flowers

It’s been 8 years since these photos were taken. I can’t wait to share photos of how our kitchen looks today. Not to mention things we’ve learned through this kitchen renovation. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with new photos as well as more commentary on our kitchen renovation.

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