Fall isn’t just around the corner. It’s right at our front steps, knocking fervently on our door. As much as this summer has been amazing, I’m not looking out the peephole reluctantly, while the fall season stands before me. I’m opening the door with excitement since fall is one of my favorite seasons! While spring signifies “birth/rebirth,” fall represents “change.” And when it comes to home decor, change is exactly what I enjoy. Remember my earlier post where I called myself a “fickle pickle” when it comes to home decor? Stick around my blog and you’ll know why. 🙂

Change, however, does not necessarily have to be about total transformations. Sometimes, we just need a little update to refresh our homes. Essentially, it’s a “refresher” for our eyes. The 2 areas where I recently did a refresh happened in our dining room:


I love textiles and curtains are one of my fave ways to update the home without much investment. While the color of my new curtains is not drastically different, it’s amazing how the print pattern alone makes such a difference.

Curtains before afterAside from the print, I love how the curtains (made by Tahari Home) feels weighty. In other words, the fabric does not look or feel cheap. Oh, don’t worry, there will be a future post with tips on window treatments.

Curtains close upCHANDELIER

About 8 years ago, we (meaning “I”) purchased this candle-like chandelier from West Elm for our dining room. The contemporary, simple design of this chandelier won me over. I loved the way this light looked when lit. However, when unlit, I thought the light appeared sterile at times. I think the cylinder shade having some color (even a slight tint) would have been better.

Pendant_light_beforeWell, I recently had an idea to revamp our chandelier.

Last November, I had purchased a package of vellum wraps for tea-lights (see below). After locating this package in my fall holiday bin, I got the idea to “wrap” my glass shades. E-x-c-i-t-e-d!

DSC08402After securing the wraps with good old Scotch tape, I got these results:

Pendant_light_afterI’m not sure if I’ll leave these wraps on past Thanksgiving but it certainly is nice to see the instant warmth this slight change has made to our dining space. It’s amazing how changes, however small, can make us appreciate existing things in our home…a little more.

Our dining room curtains and lighting are just 2 of the changes that I’ve made in time for fall. This post is only the beginning of many fall-centric posts ahead. Next week, I’ll show you how I’m setting our table up for fall festivities. So, let’s open our doors to fall…together!

Have you made any small decor changes for fall? Like this post or have a comment? I always love hearing from you. 🙂