We’re only a few days into summer and I’m already wishing the days to proceed on a snail’s pace. Days are unfolding so quickly that I’m still trying to wrap my mind on things happening this summer. After all, summer is generally only 9 – 10 weeks long considering the “back to school frenzy” in September.

Just like things happening in life, there’s also lots happening within the Beauteeful Living blog world. I’d like to keep you all in the loop of what you’ll be seeing during these summer days. Thank you for joining me!

#Ourshelvies 6-week Instagram Challenge

This is a weekly Instagram decorating challenge that just started last week. I’m co-hosting along with 19 very talented Home Decor/DIY/Craft bloggers. Participants will need to follow all 20 hosts on Instagram in order for their entry to be eligible. On Tuesdays, the theme for the week will be announced while the winner of challenge will be announced that Friday. Not a blogger? No problem at all. Anyone can join the fun!

Winners will have their winning entry shared by all 20 hosts. What great exposure and talk about bragging rights! By the way, the hosts are not eligible to win. We will be casting the votes. 🙂

Here’s what I did for last week’s challenge (Theme: Decorating with Mirrors):

Mirror Mirror

The winner of the first #Ourshelvies challenge (Mirror, Mirror) goes to Rhonda from Hallstrom Home! Be sure to check her beautiful Instagram feed here as well as her website here.

Mirror Mirror ourshelfies challenge1 winner

This week’s challenge is all about decorating our shelves/mantels with “touches of gold.” Here is what I came up with for this challenge:

Gold theme shelvies

Participating in this challenge has been so much fun because “staging” is one of my favorite things to do. Being able to re-use existing items in the home for the week’s theme can really get the creative juices going. I love that!

Besides the #Ourshelvies Instagram challenge, here are some of the things you will be seeing on Beauteeful Living in the coming weeks:

1. Summer Entertaining Blog Hop

I, along with 2 other bloggers are doing a blog hop on summer entertaining. I’m excited that Beauteeful Living will have 2 guest posts next week (Monday and Friday). My post on Wednesday will feature how I decorated our dining room for summer entertaining! 🙂

2. Summer Home Tour

My home will be featured in a “Summer Home Tour Series” hosted by Michele at Shelstring Blog. Michele is one of the sweet and talented bloggers I’ve gotten to know. You can check her Summer Home Tour Series here. My tour will be coming up in late July!

3. Vacation, vacation, vacation!

Our summer vacation to the Caribbean is coming up in mid July. Right now, I have no plans to schedule major posts during the week of travel so the best way to follow along (through pictures) would be visting Beauteeful Living‘s Facebook page here and Instagram page here. Hope you subscribe if you’re not already. Thanks!

4. Decorating Projects Outside of Blog

I’ve got some exciting projects lined up in these summer months. One of them is decorating for a bridal shower while the other is revamping someone’s home space. Decorating for events and homestaging are 2 of my favorite things so you know my head is brimming with ideas already! Stay tuned.

5. More Fun Projects and Posts

I’d love to elaborate on these other projects but some of these are going to be fun surprises to be revealed along the way. Plus, it’s a packed summer… I don’t want to hold myself to these posts in case I don’t get to share them by summer’s end. A girl has to enjoy the summer with her family. You understand, right? 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you’re new to Beauteeful Living, please subscribe here to never miss a post or exclusive newsletter:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the things I have lined up. Excited about seeing any of these? As always, thanks for reading! Happy Summer! XO, Tee.