FindingDory_Pool Party Supplies

It’s hard to walk into a store these days without seeing any Finding Dory licensed products. If you have a child of movie-going age, I’m sure you have already seen this summer’s most anticipated animated movie. I loved Finding Dory and was so excited to decorate for a pool party with the lovable but forgetful blue tang fish as the theme. Oh Dory — you are just too cute! By the way, I’m a big Ellen DeGeneres fan. 🙂

All party supplies shown in today’s post can be found at Party City. I’d like to thank Party City for sponsoring today’s post. I can always count on Party City as my “one stop shop” for party supplies. In today’s post, I’d like to share…

9 Elements in “Throwing The Ultimate Finding Dory Party!

1. Find a focal point and decorate with Finding Dory-themed balloons and centerpiece. 

Helium balloon set can be found here, latex balloons here, and centerpiece here.

FindingDory_Pool Party Supplies

2. Make sure your paper goods match up to party theme. 

You can find the napkins here, plates here, and cutlery here.

Finding Dory party supplies

3. Place snacks in unexpected containers.

How cute do the goldfish crackers look being placed in these plastic wine glasses?

Finding Dory goldfish snack

4. Choose snacks with the theme pictured in packaging.

I purchased these snacks from my local supermarket.

Finding Dory snacks

5. Create a “Refreshments” station.

Nothing like a fruit infused container of water on a hot summer day!

FindingDory_Pool Party Refreshments

I placed these Dory-themed Go-Gurts in an ice bucket. Practical and pretty…just the way I like things!

Finding Dory GoGurt

Fruit is even more enticing when placed in pretty silicone containers!

Finding Dory fruit cups

6. Set up an “activities” table.

Finding Dory kids party

You can find the bubbles here and the tattoos here.

Finding Dory bubbles and tattoos

Party City also has these cute Finding Dory sunglasses available here. They make perfect party favors for young kids.

Finding Dory favors

7. Place hanging decor on structures such as patio umbrellas or pergolas.

These adorable honeycomb balls can be found here. I  love that these hanging pieces are 3 dimensional. 🙂

Finding Dory hanging decor

8. Pick up a “Pin the Tail” game.

My oldest is 8 years old and still LOVES playing this game! You can find the “Pin the Fin to Nemo” here.

Finding Dory game

9. Purchase Dory-themed pool supplies if this is a pool party.

Party City doesn’t just have Dory party supplies and balloons, they also have beach toys and gear!

FindingDory_Pool Party

Kids will love the Dory-themed kickboard, arm floaties, and beach ball.

Finding Dory swim accessories1

Another photo of the pool area! You just can’t go wrong with a pool party. Kids love swimming and splashing!

Finding Dory Pool Party

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