I’ve wanted to make changes to our foyer for at least 2 years now. Expanding the size would be great but that’s not going to happen. While it would be nice to have more space to walk through upon entering our home, having a small foyer doesn’t quite bother me.

What does bother me, however, is having a vision of a project on my mind, knowing that project can be done rather easily, but yet procrastinating on starting that project. Well, I decided not to procrastinate anymore this past Wednesday.


Project Vision —-> Horizonal Lines

Before I show you the process, you may recall that our foyer looked like this from my recent summer home tour.

Foyer - Beauteeful Living

The wall all the way to the right is the wall I wanted to repaint.

Since I knew I wanted this wall to have horizontal stripes, I came up with an idea to completely cut down the time needed to paint the walls.

Instead of repainting the wall completely with 2 different colors (one light, one dark), I decided I just needed to get 1 lighter paint color to go against the existing wall color.

Makes sense? Basically, I just paint the light stripes since I already have a dark color on the wall.

I further reduced the time needed for this project by just using leftover paint I had around the house. Every homeowner has a can of WHITE paint lying around, right? Well, we certainly did. There’s always touch-ups needed for trim.

White Paint

Besides white paint, I only used 5 other items for this project:

  • Scotch Blue Tape
  • 6 inch sponge roller (for smooth surfaces)
  • Small paint brush (2″ width or less to paint sides of wall before rolling)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

There are so many fancy gadgets available nowadays to help make those horizontal stripes easier and more straight. I, however, did not have those fancy gadgets. Since I decided on the whim to paint that day, I just relied on whatever I could find in our house. 🙂

I measured the stripes to be 8 inches in height.

Entry wall

After taping, I started painting the white stripes.

Foyer wall horizontal stripes

After 2 coats, this paint project was done!

NOTE: The biggest challenge with painting horizontal stripes is the mere fact that walls are typically not completely flat. As long as your lines aren’t too over-the-top crooked, you will be fine. Most people would not notice. Plus you will likely cover parts of your wall with frames, mirrors, or artwork anyway.

Foyer wall horizontal stripes completed

I started decorating that wall immediately. I couldn’t help myself. Here’s a sneak peek of the “Halloween” themed gallery wall that I will be sharing next week!

Halloween Gallery Wall2

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Updating Our Foyer

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What do you think of this “on the whim” painting project? Is this “abbreviated” paint project ingenious, lazy, or silly? I’d love to know. Ha! Xoxo, Tee.