Where do you begin on your very 1st official blog post? I’d say a good idea is to describe the blog and its purpose. I love lists so here goes:Fivethingsblog

1) Writing is one of my biggest passions. If I can do that by having fun, sharing stories/projects/experiences, and connecting with people through this blog, it’ll be like “adding confectioner’s sugar to my pancake.”

2) I won’t blog just to blog. Throwing posts out there just to be active isn’t what I’m about. Time is precious. I won’t do that to you, nor myself.

3) This blog has posts about sentimental things like family and the special moments that occur. It offers some practical advice on things that I’ve experienced (e.g. home renovation). It also features “Beauteeful Finds” that I consider to be deals or things worth buying/drooling over.

4) While I am opinionated, I try my best to be respective of others and their viewpoints. But words are powerful. They convey our thoughts and feelings on people, situations, and things. If I ever err in ways that offend you (not my intention), please let me know. Wouldn’t you tell a friend if they had food stuck between their teeth?

5) Life is short. Live in color. Build relationships. Laugh your tail off. Dance. Sing. Be silly. Be kind to yourself and others. Get inspired. Celebrate little victories. I hope to do all that and blog about it with you. Better yet…let’s do that together! 🙂

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