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If you started this year on what feels like a snail’s pace, don’t worry. You are not alone. The beginning of January can feel especially sluggish. Although a brand new year has arrived, many of us are still recouping from the big, back-to-back holiday months of November and December. So, it’s January and maybe you’re not as inspired as you think you should feel.

Don’t get discouraged because just scratching a few things from your “To Do” list can help jump start your quest for bigger goals for the year. Here are some ideas to make this month of January a good one!

5 To Do’s for a Great January Start!

1) Get Organized With Your Bills

On average, most adults have at least 7 or more fixed bills that they pay on a monthly basis. If you add credit card bills to the mix, you’re looking at potentially 10+ bills to manage any given given month!

Besides having auto-payment set up for all of your bills, just simply changing the “due date” of your bills and choosing 1 to 2 consistent due dates can help streamline your bill payment process. Since mortgage/rent is typically everyone’s largest monthly expense and occurs in the beginning of the month, it makes sense to schedule other payments for the middle or latter part of the month.

P.S. If you were recently hit with a late fee with your credit card carrier, don’t be surprised that they will be willing to offer you a 1 time courtesy removal of the fee. Some credit card companies offer a 1 time courtesy refund within a 12 month billing period.

2) Reconnect With A Friend Or Former Co-Worker

You know that holiday card you received from your friend from college or that co-worker you haven’t seen in a year? This is the month to reach out to them.

Bonus points are always given to face-to-face meetings. There’s nothing like conversations in person! If this can’t be done due to distance apart, video chat or FaceTime are always options.

3) Read That Book You’ve Been Eyeing

Earlier this week, I made it a point to purchase the book I’ve been meaning to read since last year:

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


I’m sure you’ve heard of this #1 New York Times Best Seller. Organization will continue to be a big theme here on Beauteeful Living so this book is actually perfect reading material for me.

I bet you have a book or two that you’ve been putting off reading. No better time than this month to get lost in a good book. 🙂

4) Schedule A “Joyful” Activity

No matter how busy your schedule may be, it’s not difficult to list at least 1 activity that you will look forward to doing this month. While you’re scheduling this activity for January, why not list at least 1 activity for each month of 2017?

For January, my quest will be to try a new cuisine I’ve never eaten before!

5) Organize Your Bedroom 

You may recall that I recently did a full makeover of our master bedroom. Here’s one of the “after photos” in case you missed it.

Modern Glam Bedroom Makeover - Beauteeful Living

I’m happy to report that our bedroom still looks as organized as the photo you see above. Before this makeover, our bedroom was one of my least favorite spaces in our home. Overhauling our bedroom was not only about getting it to look pretty to the eye, it was just as important to have it be organized and clutter-free.

Even if you’re unable to do a full makeover of your bedroom (new paint, new furniture, etc), just getting your room organized will get you motivated to do further improvements down the line.

I hope today’s post has sparked a little inspiration for you to get this month going on a positive note! Who says “To Do’s” have to be difficult? 😉

Did you have a favorite from this list? What are some To-Do’s on your list for January? I’d love to hear about them. Here’s to a fabulous January, lovely readers! Xoxo, Tee.

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