7 Best Last Minute Basket Stuffers

I know there are a lot of last minute shoppers out there. Those who may be waiting for this weekend to put together an Easter basket for the little ones in their lives. If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to pick up those pre-made, candy-filled baskets, I hope this “7 Best Last Minute Basket Stuffers” post will help you.

1) Art kit – Kids love doing art. You can’t go wrong with putting some paint or markers in their baskets.

2) Band Aids – I know my kids aren’t the only ones who go crazy for character-themed band aids. Just be prepared for lots of “imaginary” boo-boos that creep up in the next few days. 😉

3) Indulgent Item (treat) – I typically don’t include any candy in my baskets but this year, I decided to loosen up my restrictions and allow some candy. Both Ellie and Lauren have been eyeing these in stores and have been asking begging me to get them. It’s a holiday, I guess I can give them a pass for a day.

Basket stuffers 1

4) Funny/Novelty Toy – Kids love funny, prankster-type toys. This “hand buzzer” will not disappoint. Just prepare yourself to have to shake their hand all day! 😉

5) Messy Item – I chose a Goofy/Silly string spray can. Perhaps your messy item could be Play Doh or Crazy Sand.

6) T-Shirt or outfit – Find a shirt or outfit for spring. If age-appropriate, find a tee that professes your love for child.

Basket stuffers 2

7) Family Board Game – This last item may not fit in their baskets but it will certainly be appreciated. What’s better than a game that the whole family can join in? We chose Twister. I’m sure I’ll be hearing lots of giggles!
Twister game

If you still need more ideas, please check out my post from last year (link here).

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I can’t wait to give Ellie and Lauren their baskets this Sunday:

Basket Stuffers

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Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you have an amazing upcoming weekend spent with your favorite PEEPS!  Xoxo, Tee