7 Rituals for Smoother Mornings

If there was a part of the day that seems the hardest for most people, I think mornings will likely be the clear victor. You don’t necessarily need to not be a “morning person” to understand why mornings are the most difficult period of the day. Aren’t we always rushing during that short hour before we have to leave the house, whether for work or to drop the kids off at school?


Just the thought of kids and mornings together is enough to stress most people¬†everyone out. ūüôā We already know that we¬†have places to go and things to do, but throw kids in the mix and you have yourself a challenge to get through the morning in a calm, orderly fashion.

It’s topics like this that I often find myself discussing with other moms. My most recent discussion was with my friend Michelle, health coach and business owner behind Real Moms, Real Health. You may recall my collaboration with Michelle here.

In discussing our morning routines, we noticed similarities in our approach in getting our kids more involved and taking responsibility for getting themselves ready in the morning. During our chat, I thought it would be great to list morning routines in an art canvas. You know how I love canvas projects!

Since Michelle is always sharing helpful tips on her Real Moms, Real Health newsletters such as How Busy Moms Start a Healthy Day, I thought it would be fun to create a canvas for her that lists out her family’s morning rituals.

Here’s how the¬†canvas came out. I’m so honored that Michelle is displaying it in her home!

Morning Rituals Canvas

Below is an excerpt from Michelle’s post on her morning rituals for her kids.

7 Rituals for Smoother Mornings:

1.¬†Come to the table with a SMILE and “Good Morning”.

Everything is energy. ¬†I really believe that whatever energy you put out there is coming right back at’cha. So why not start the day smiling and with a good helping of positive vibes?

2. Eat a HEALTHY breakfast.

When you start the day with a healthy breakfast you are ready for whatever else the day may bring you. Energy, focus, and more are yours when you eat a healthy, whole food meal to start your day.

3. Get dressed (wash & brush).

These are a couple of tasks that are usually staggered here in the morning. One kiddo is brushing their teeth, one may be getting dressed, another finishing up breakfast. As long as we keep it moving, everything can get done in a timely manner.

4. Make your bed.

Such a simple way for children to learn responsibility. My kids do sometimes get assigned a few other tasks in the morning, but this is a constant.

5. Say your mantra.

I have a mantra I am always working with and so do my kids. ¬†We usually work with one mantra all week long.¬†“I am powerful,” “I make the world a better place,” “I can choose to be happy.” These are some examples of mantras we might have for the week.

6. Read, Learn or Create.

Once breakfast, getting dressed and simple chores are done, I aim for the kids to have time to quietly read, play a math game or draw, as a few examples of how we might use this time. There is no TV in the morning and tech devices are used for learning games only. This really keeps everyone feeling calm and positive before school.

7. Be your amazing self.

No explanation needed.


Don’t you love Michelle’s list and the details behind them? You can read more¬†in her full post here.

I know we all have similar routines that we expect from our kids (those of us with young kids). I just think that having a list written really helps reinforce the routines that help us create smoother mornings.

I’d like to thank Michelle from Real Moms, Real Health for sharing her 7 Morning Rituals with us! I’m also so happy that she’s offering Beauteeful¬†Living’s readers a¬†FREE mini-book titled, Be A Healthier Mom in 30 Days. You can grab a copy HERE. Trust me, Michelle is amazing and definitely knows her stuff!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. By the way, guess who’s doing a workshop at the Philly Home Show next Friday? Yep, it’s yours truly! Details here.

Xo, Tee