Today’s a special day on the blog for me. I found out that my recent appearance on the Dr. Oz show will air very soon on Fox! I’m so glad to finally be able to share the actual name of show with my wonderful readers. More info about my guest segment can be found in this post here in case you missed it.

It’s not so much about being on TV that makes this event special for me. To me, it’s a reminder for me to be brave and to not let new experiences slip because of fear. After all, we can accomplish great things when we ignore that inner voice of ours that nags us to stay within our comfort.

Speaking of being brave and accomplishing great things, I’d like to introduce my good friend, Michelle from Essential Balance Health Coaching to you all today. Brave is definitely an adjective I would use to describe Michelle for starting her own holistic health coaching business 2 years ago. In all the years I’ve known Michelle, she has been nothing short of being a positive role model for her peers and her children. She walks the talk, knows her stuff, and is so humble about it. With her business, I am so inspired by Michelle’s mission to help busy moms incorporate more healthy habits into their lives!

Recently, I invited Michelle and her kids over for an end-of-summer playdate. Since Michelle knows a great deal about creating fun and healthy menus for kids and adults alike, she offered to bring the items while I hosted and set up for the play date. I normally wouldn’t have my guests come over to feed me and my kids (Ha!) but this occasion was different. I really wanted to try the healthy items that Michelle creates. She often shares photos of food she packs for her kids on her Facebook page. Everything always looks delicious and healthy!

On the blog today, I’m so excited to share 5 Healthy Playdate Menu Ideas from our recent playdate.

1) Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Aren’t these kabobs gorgeous? They consisted of dragonfruit, strawberries, and cheddar cheese. I love that Michelle chose dragonfruit because it’s so unexpected. Let me tell you, I am a fan now. I literally ran out and bought dragonfruit after our playdate. Who knew they were so good?!

fruit and cheese kebabs

2) Ham & Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches

This is the perfect “grab and go” type of sandwich for kids and adults. Michelle used slices of cucumber, ham (Applegate brand), and cheese for this dish. I honestly prefer a sandwich like this over one with bread. This is so much more for refreshing!

Ham Cheese Cucumber Sandwich

3) Chopped Grapes

My kids are big fans of grapes. When they saw these grapes placed in these adorable heart-shaped silicone containers, they made a bee-line for them!

Grapes in Silicone Cups

4) Turkey Meatballs with an Extra Healthy Twist

These Turkey Meatballs that Michelle made are grain-free and include superfoods like shredded coconut and detoxifying chia seeds. When Michelle prepares these, she typically doubles the recipe available on her website. Be sure to click here for the yummy recipe. Lauren, my 4 year old, loved these meatballs! So did I. 🙂

Baked Turkey Meatballs

5) Fruit-Infused Water

Nothing like watermelon infused water to keep the kids from asking for juice. Over a cup of ice, this drink is so refreshing. You can taste a hint of the sweetness of the watermelon with each sip you take.

Watermelon infused water

Here’s a close up of all the food together on our picnic table.

Healthy Playdate Food

Aren’t those hanging crepe flowers from PB Kids adorable in the photo below? You know I had to decorate something. 😉

Picnic Table

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Health Playdate Menu Ideas - Beauteeful Living

I’d like to thank Michelle for bringing all these yummy items to our recent gathering in my home! It was so wonderful to watch the kids play and also have time to catch up with one another.

To get more tips and easy-to-use strategies so that even the busiest moms can have a happy, healthy family, sign up on Michelle’s website.

As an added BONUS, Michelle would like to offer all Beauteeful Living followers an exclusive gift!

5 Easy, Colorful Lunchbox Lunches Your Kids Will Love!

This bonus is full of photos, recipes, helpful links and more! Be sure to sign up via her home page here. Also, you can follow her Facebook page here.

I’m curious…which of these menu items would you or your kids love? I’d love to know. Xo, Tee