I love decorating our Christmas tree. After so many years of collecting ornaments and arranging them on our tree, I think I have this ritual down to a science. In today’s post, I’d love to share 7 Tips on Decorating Your Tree and Making it Unique and Beauteeful

1) Start with a tree that you love

In a previous post, I mentioned about my quest to find a perfect replacement for my old Pre-lit tree. Well, I recently purchased this G.E. 700 LED count Pre-lit tree from Lowes {link here for similar tree} and absolutely love it. Not only does this tree look realistic, the LED lights can change from clear to colored lights in a touch of a button. S-W-E-E-T.

Decorated Tree with clear and colored lights

2. Make your own rules about what goes on the treetop.

Just because everyone has a big old star or angel on top of their tree doesn’t mean that you should. I never liked the look of an oversized item on top of a tree. Picture a big angel doll smushed into the ceiling. Not a good look. šŸ˜‰

When I saw this little angel ornament from Pier 1 Imports years ago, I knew it would suit our tree top perfectly. Like our elf boot and crystal ball in this photo?

top of tree

3. Add ornaments with varying textures and colors.

The more textures, the more interesting your tree looks! In this photo, there’s feather, tulle, paper, capiz shell, and shimmering glitter. Regarding color, I understand there are trees with monochromatic color schemes. They are very pretty but it’s hard for me to limit myself on ornaments based on color. My favorite ornaments come in a rainbow of colors. I’m okay with that. šŸ™‚

Textured ornaments

4. Add fun ornaments.

Stuffed animals are not just for cuddling. They make great ornaments and always seem to steal the show. Speaking of stealing, you may find a few “sticky-fingered” bandits (aka: kids) snatching these ornaments off the tree.

Fun ornaments for tree

5. Add an ornament that is meaningful to you.

Whenever I see Mrs. Potato Head’s purse in my box of ornaments, I always smile. It brings me back to my oldest at 2 years old. This was a purse from Ellie’s Mrs. Potato Head kit. When we put up our tree that year, she placed this purse on tree and proclaimed it as a fitting ornament. Since then, I’ve kept this “ornament” on our tree. It will always remain meaningful to me.

Meaningful ornaments

6. Add ornaments that “Crack You Up.”

I don’t like wearing ugly sweaters for the holidays. I prefer them hung on my tree for giggles all month long!

Ugly sweater ornaments

7. Add a family ornament to be used as a time stamp.

Our family has expanded since we first started getting these types of ornaments. What was first just Chris and me has turned into 4 other additions (2 kids + 2 dogs). Since having our own tree, we’ve gone through 5 of these time stamp ornaments. šŸ™‚

family ornament

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our holiday tree and found these tips helpful. Did you have a favorite tip from this list? I’d love hear your comments! Facebook like, pin, or share this post to show your support. Thanks!

P.S. Stay tuned for another holiday decor-related post later this week. šŸ™‚