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Every year, I lose a few brain cells trying to think of THE holiday gift. You know THE gift. This is the big ticket item. The one that gets revealed first. The one that may not even be wrapped because of its size. When it comes to the big holiday gift, I typically find items that pass these tests:

  • Would it look great inside or outside the house?
  • Will the gift be fun or useful for them for at least 2 years or more?
  • Will their friends/cousins enjoy the item too?

Based on the above check lists, I came up with my picks for this season’s  “10 Best Holiday Gifts for Kids.” Before I get started, I must warn you that everything on this list is over $100.00. Please note that all prices listed are as of post date. [Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more info, please see my full disclosure here.]

1) Outdoor Picnic Table – Pottery Barn Kids’ Chatham Table & Benches – $149.99 (Sale Price subject to change)

Reason for Pick: I love furniture so there’s no surprise that I love anything kid-sized that I would want for myself. I love how this table set can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also purchase an umbrella and stand to complete this set. How great would this look in your backyard? 🙂

PBK Chatham Table and Benches

Here’s a similar one currently available online:

2) Teeter- Totter – Spiro Hop Teetee-Totter Seesaw – $189.95

Reason for Pick: Energy buster. Enough…Said… 🙂 **P.S. It adjusts for different age groups. A 3 year old can play with a 7 year old, in balance.

Spiro Hop Teeter-totter Seesaw

3) Play Tent – Land of Nod’s Jetaire Camper Play Tent – $199.00

Reason for Pick: Kids love play tents. A play tent that looks like a camper? Even sweeter. Although 4 times the price of the average tent, you can tell the quality of materials used in this “camper.”

Land of Nod Jetaire Camper Play Tent

4. Play Store – KidKraft’s Deluxe Play Store – $199.95

Reason for Pick: I love “play pretend” toys. This grocery store is as cute as it gets. I love how kids can write and label their store with chalk. Also a good place to store all those play food that is spilling out of their “pretend kitchen.”

KidKraft Deluxe Play Store

5. Dress Up Station – Pottery Barn Kids’ Juliette Dress-up Tower – $239.00

Reason for Pick: It is so P-R-E-T-T-Y! If you have a girlie-girl in your life who loves accessories and dress-up, this is THE gift. Not only can it be used for their dress up clothes, this tower can be used as extra clothes storage. The outfits for the week can be hung here! Great way to plan out the week.

PBK Juliette Dress Up Tower

6. Outdoor Playhouse – KidKraft’s Outdoor Playhouse – $278.79 (Amazon’s sale price)

Reason for Pick: The house would not take up your entire yard and it looks very cute. I love the mailbox and how the windows open out.

KidKraft Playhouse

7. Hanging Play Tent – Woodland Wonderland HugglePod $328.99 (Sale Price)

Reason for Pick: Uh…I was once a kid. I know I would absolutely LIVE in this “Tree Pod” if I was a kid. Once your child gets too big for the tent, simply buy a swing that attaches to the stand. 🙂

Woodland HugglePod HangOut

8. Play Table – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s French Empire Extension Play Table – $369.00 (Sale Price)

Reason for Pick: I love how this table extends! Not only will this play table be used for play, I can see this as the kid’s dining table during holiday meals. With the 2 extensions, I can see squeezing in 10 young kids in this table. Love the rounded-edges which means less chances for bumps and bruises.

RHBabyKids Extension Play Table

9. Coffee/Play Table – Land of Nod’s Coffee or Play Table – $499.00

Reason for Pick: This table does double duty! It can be used as a coffee table or play table. Either way, toys can be stored inside this table’s 2 hidden storage drawers. Add some poufs or floor pillows and the kids will love hanging around this table, playing their favorite games.

Land of Nod Coffee Play Table

10. Play Home – Land of Nod’s Bungalow Play Home (Limited Edition) – $699.00

Reason for Pick: I love how this play house has removable sliding windows and double-sided chalkboard panels. Every kid wants his/her own space. This will be the closest thing to having their own house, while still living under your roof. Question is…Do we charge them rent? 😉

Land of Nod Bungalow Play Home

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I know some of the latter gift choices are pretty steep in price. I had to include them because they were some of My Top Picks for Best Gifts for Kids. Perhaps, in a future post, I’ll do a round up of Best Gift Ideas Under $50.00.

Did you have a favorite from the 10 picks?

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