Initially when I was thinking about a post for “Back-to-School,” I was considering a post titled, “Beauteeful Finds – Back to School Edition.” I ultimately changed my mind because rather than the “shopping” aspect of Back to School, I think the “Must Do” thing for your child isn’t necessarily about getting all those stylish school apparel or cool supplies. What I really think everyone should do for a child entering the new school year (regardless of Kindergarten or College) is to “Write a Letter.” This is exactly what I did last year when my oldest entered elementary school for the first time. Here’s my letter to her (September 2013):

Dear Ellie:

Today was a big day. Mommy couldn’t go to bed tonight without writing you, knowing that in time, you will be able to read this letter. I want you to know how proud both your daddy and I were of you on your first day of Kindergarten. We’ve been talking about your 1st day for at least a year now. Not to mention we’ve been stopping at your school’s playground since you were a baby. Once you were old enough to understand our words, like a broken record, we’d say, “one day, you will be going to school here.” Well that day came a lot sooner than we thought. You were so ready though. You could not wait to wear your big girl backpack and new shoes (Twinkle Toes — your choice, not my liking but I couldn’t veto after seeing how much you really wanted them). You must have worn both items for a good half hour before leaving the house.

After taking a few photos, you walked to school with mommy, daddy, and Lauren. When we arrived at your school, you seem unfazed by the growing crowd of kids and parents gathering around. Daddy and I were so proud of how eager you were to attend your first day of Kindergarten. The night before, you told me you were “so excited to meet new friends” at school. We couldn’t ask for a better attitude! The only person we were afraid would be apprehensive about today is your best friend…Lauren. Your little sis absolutely adores you. Sure, you guys bicker but she copies everything that you do. If she doesn’t see you for one second, she’d ask, “where’s Ellie?” I had a “talk” with her this morning before we dropped you off. I relayed to her that you were only going to be there for a short while. That she can’t go inside the school with you and that she shouldn’t cry when we say goodbye. Well, Lauren completely cooperated because she did just what we asked of her. No cries. Simply a big kiss on your lips to bid goodbye. You were so composed when we parted. No fear or sadness. Can’t say we were surprised. You’re our little adventurer. Everything new is exciting to you. We love that about you!

Daddy had to jump on a conference call for work soon after we dropped you off. Lauren started playing with toys in the playroom. I was, well, a little lost. I felt sad, to be honest. It’s not that it’s the first time you’ve been away for school. It’s just this elementary school thing.The real deal of education officially starts, as of today. Seems so serious. Don’t worry about mommy though. I will get over it. What I won’t get over, however, is how proud I am of you and your spirit for learning and exploration. May you always love learning!

Love always,


Here’s 2 other photos from Ellie’s big 1st day of Kindergarten (notice she’s all smiles):


Reading my letter from a year ago really brought back memories of Ellie’s first day of school. While it was a big day for her, it was equally as big of a day for me. I’m so glad I wrote my letter because photos cannot capture everything… some things are better captured through words. 🙂

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