I wanted to wish everyone, especially the fathers and father figures out there, an amazing Father’s Day weekend! I hope you are all spending this weekend with the special people in your lives.

Here’s how the girls feel about my husband, their adoring father:


I thought it’d be interesting and fun to ask the kids 5 questions about their daddy. None of their answers below were altered. I “interviewed” each child separately. Ouch on their responses to Question #2!

1) What makes daddy special?

Ellie: He does nice things for us.

Lauren: He hugs me.

2) What does daddy do better than mommy?

Ellie: He cooks better.

Lauren: Work.

3) What does daddy make the best?

Ellie: Corn on the cob.

Lauren: Pork.

4) Where is your favorite place that daddy brings you?

Ellie: Disney World!

Lauren: Mac and Cheese place (Panera’s).

5) If daddy was a superhero, who would he be?

Ellie: Batman

Lauren: Superman

Okay everyone, 1 more day till Sunday, Father’s Day 2014. Let’s make sure to express our appreciation for the wonderful dads in our lives. They deserve at least 1 day to feel extra special, right? And on that note…


Like this post? Enjoy Father’s Day weekend! XO, Tee