BathroomVanityViewMornings are not easy. Seeing your favorite people and their faces (groggy as they may be) helps. Additionally, seeing your favorite things in your favorite colors certainly helps. Our mood is tied to so many elements. To me, color is undeniably a key element. One of my mottos in life is to “always live in color.” Meant figuratively and literally. I won’t get into the figurative sense in this post but I would like to discuss the literal sense of “living in color” through home decor.

Since we’re discussing mornings, I thought I’d use my upstairs bathroom vanity to demonstrate how my mornings are more pleasant when I see everyday things in my favorite hues. My upstairs bathroom is typically the first room I visit in the morning.

1) Turquoise frame with photo of my favorite flower (you guessed it — peonies)!

picture frame of peony2) Less is more, especially when it comes to the counter top. Beat the clutter by only including key essentials that you use. Since my upstairs bathroom is essentially mine (kids and hubby mainly use the downstairs bathroom), I only keep my items on the counter. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss are neatly contained in a white votive holder (see below). Who says votive holders are only for candles?

My hairbrush is in the color fuchsia while comb is turquoise. Yes, both are among my favorite colors. Aside from dental hygiene and hair brushes, I keep all other essentials tucked away in my vanity cabinet.

morning essentialsHere are some ways you can inject color into your vanity:

Picture Frames –  Notice that my mirror shows a reflection of a coral picture frame. Also pictured is the turquoise frame mentioned earlier.

Flowers or a Plant – Depending on how much light your bathroom gets, you may be able to get away with an orchid plant. If not much light, the orchids will still last longer than fresh cut flowers. Lucky bamboo is another option to bring in some color and life to your bathroom vanity.

Holder for Combs or Toothbrushes – My turquoise brush holder is one of my favorite things on my vanity. The ceramic finish is very glossy so it further enhances the color I love.

Combs and Brushes – There are so many varieties of hairbrushes and combs out there. Why not go for ones in bright colors? Please don’t look at me like I’m the only nut who color coordinates brushes. 🙂

ColorfulAreasNow, we can’t talk about starting the mornings beau-tee-fully without mentioning coffee or tea. Surprise, surprise... my favorite mugs come in 2 of my favorite colors: turquoise + coral.

coffee mugs

You always hear how we should start our day right by eating a proper breakfast. I agree. Wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, while starting the morning right with food is important, I also believe in starting the morning with seeing your favorite view. First, I trust that your loved ones are what you look forward to seeing in the morning most. Second, I hope you wake up to a lovely view that is entirely your own.

Your colors. Your essentials. Your style. May your view always be lively and colorful. 🙂

Do you have a favorite decorative item on your bathroom vanity? Like this post? Have a comment? Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading.