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Welcome back to the latest update of my Craft Room Makeover for the One Room Challenge (ORC) hosted by Linda of Calling It Home! If you missed last week’s post, you can visit post here. As a quick recap, I’m carving out a section of our family room (currently a playroom) into my very own CRAFT space! This is the first step in reclaiming our family room and transitioning it into the Resort/Coastal family room I’ve dreamed about for so long.

Let’s get to this week’s progress report! 😀

ORC Guest Participant

Resort Chic Craft Room Makeover – The Full Series

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As you can see from this photo, I removed all the items that used to occupy this space. I’m just leaving the blinds here until I start patching up holes and painting!

Craft Room Before

Left Side

After removing the wall shelves, I’m left with a bunch of holes to fill and spackle. Joy…..

Craft Room Before

Right Side

Empty looking just like the left side of room. Good thing this wall doesn’t need much patching up..

Craft Room Before

Besides clearing out all the items in this space, I also did some much needed sourcing for my space. I’m really excited to share the design board for this Resort Chic Craft Room Makeover!

Resort Chic Craft Room - Beauteeful Living


1. Bookcase cabinets // 2. Wallpaper // 3. Valence Fabric // 4. Pillow Fabric //  5. Small planter set // 6. Bud vase // 7. Wall Frame  // 8. Lantern

I’m most excited to work with the wallpaper and textiles from Cynthia Johnson Fabric & Wallcovering (available at Elephant in the Room Designs).

Here’s a close up of the pattern that I selected for the accent wall. The pattern of “clouds” and “ocean waves” go perfect with the resort/beachy feel that I’m after.

Cynthia Johnson Wallcovering

I also chose fabric to make a valence for my window. As you can see, I love geometric prints!

Check out this gorgeous print below! I’m using this fabric to make a throw pillow. 🙂

Cynthia Johnson Textile and Wallcovering

Last week, I mentioned that I’ll be sharing some Craft Room Inspirational Photos with you all. Here are 2 that I absolutely love!

Disclaimer: No way will my Craft Room resemble anything close to these photos! But you already knew that, right? 😉

Inspiration Photo #1 (Courtesy of

I love how everything is neatly organized and contained. The amount of storage is incredible!! #eyeheartsalloverthis.

Craft Room Inspiration Photo

Inspirational Photo # 2 (Courtesy of The Cow Spot Blog)

I love this for the light and bright feel … plus the pop of bold prints on the chairs and flooring.

Craft Room Inspiration Photo1

My To Do list for this 6 week challenge: (Goodness, I barely crossed anything out!)

  1. Remove toy kitchen, kids’ sofa, doll house, and wall shelves
  2. Clean, Prime, and Repaint storage table
  3. Repair walls and Repaint room
  4. Remove stains on carpet
  5. Purchase and assemble large desk (or craft table)
  6. Select and install wallpaper for accent wall
  7. Purchase new office chair (swivel seat or rolling chair)
  8. Purchase accent rug (indoor/outdoor type)
  9. Purchase and assemble file/storage cabinet(s)
  10. Install new wall shelves
  11. Create window valence
  12. Create throw pillow
  13. Style craft room for reveal post

There’s so much that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks before this space is ready for styling. Big thanks to CJ, designer and owner of Elephant in the Room for sponsoring my Resort Chic Craft Room Makeover!

Cynthia Johnson Fabric and Wallcovering

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For additonal content and sneak peeks, please be sure to follow along my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Before you go, please check out Week 2’s posts from the 20 designers here and the guest participants here. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the direction of this Craft Room Makeover!