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Durability is always a concern when it comes to outdoor items that are exposed to the everyday elements. That’s why over the years, I’ve pretty much replaced all of our outdoor planters with all-weather (resin) wicker planters. On the blog today, I wanted to share some recent photos taken of our backyard and how I’m making good use of my newest all-weather planters!

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Below is a photo of a section in our side yard that gets the most shade. Our hanging coleus plant loves the shade as much as the hydrangea bushes directly below it.

Keter Hanging Planter Set - Beauteeful Living

How pretty does this coleus plant look in our new hanging planter by Keter? The gorgeous variegated foliage pops against the espresso-colored hanging planter. This planter comes in a set! Since these pots are made out of polypropylene resin, they won’t fade, peel, dent, unravel or rust.

Keter Hanging Wicker Planter - Beauteeful Living

Let’s head to one of my favorite spots in our backyard — our patio deck. 🙂

This is where I have the other hanging planter.

Outdoor Living - Beauteeful Living

I love how this planter has a drainage plug and sealed inner bowl. You can place the planter outdoors or indoors.

Keter Hanging Planter - Beauteeful Living

Another set that I’m really impressed with by Keter is this trio of cylinder shaped planters. Made of the same polypropylene resin materials as the hanging planters, you can expect these planters to be extremely durable.

Keter Wicker Resin Planters - Beauteeful Living

Our alocasia plant (also known as elephant ears) fits perfectly into the largest cylinder planter out of the whole set.

Wicker Resin Planter - Beauteeful Living

In the smallest of the three planters, I placed a small coleus plant that I had purchased earlier in the season. The purple-hue leaves look gorgeous against the dark espresso color of the planter.

Keter Resin Round Planter - Beauteeful Living

My love of the wicker-look extends onto our outdoor furniture as well! You may recall the patio dining set that I purchased last spring. We’ve had this set for over a year already (kept it outdoors uncovered throughout winter) and it still looks brand new!

All weather (resin) wicker is definitely the way to go with outdoor furniture. 🙂

Wicker Outdoor Dining Set - Beauteeful Living

Here’s one more look at our patio dining area, overlooking our pool.

Outdoor Patio - Beauteeful Living

Can the rest of our summer days go very slowly? I really don’t want this season to end. By the way, we’re off to our family vacation starting next week. We will be in a tropical island in the Caribbean for almost 2 weeks!

You can keep up with Beauteeful Living on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming news on where exactly we’re headed in the Caribbean! Until next time, enjoy the rest of your summer, lovely readers!