One of my favorite things about decorating the home is dreaming up DIY projects. If you’re someone who likes DIY projects that are simple, fun, and not overly time-consuming, I’ve got good news for you. You will be seeing a lot more DIY projects on this blog in the upcoming year! After all, I’m a home decorating enthusiast. DIY seems to go hand-in-hand with that. In today’s post, I’m excited to share my recent Ornament Chandelier DIY project with you.

Here’s how the end result will look:

Ornament Chandelier DIY


1) Tree branch (I found mine in my backyard.) 🙂

2) White Spray Paint (This gives the branch a frosted look.)

3) Small ornaments (Mine were 1 inch in diameter. Found them at Toys R Us for $2.00 for a pack of 10 ornaments.)

ornament chandelier supplies


1) Spray tree branch lightly with paint.

2) Let branch dry for 20 minutes.

3) Place tree branch on pendant light and start decorating!

Note: This project took a little over an hour to complete.  The only time-consuming part was hanging all 20 ornaments on the branch. I prefer the ornaments hung in varying heights!

For the ornaments in the center, I used clear thread to hang from the tree branch. Fishing line works just as well.

ormament chandelier diy

Here’s a side view of my DIY Ornament Chandelier.

ornament chandelier sideview

I love seeing these silver and blue hued ornaments hanging from our pendant light. They make our dining area a little more festive for the holidays.

What do you think of this DIY project? Have you done any of your own DIY projects this holiday season? As always, I love your comments and appreciate you for reading! Xoxo, Tee.