For Easter, Chris and I packed up the family for a weekend trip to Long Island, where we stayed with Chris’s brother (Jason) and his family. Ellie and Lauren are very close to their little cousin, Cecilia, who is two and half (a year younger than Lauren). Just 8 weeks ago, Cecilia’s little brother, Jacob was born. So there we are, four of us and now four of them. Their house was going to be buzzing with high-voltage energy from the three girls. I’m confident that little Jacob will be joining all the commotion next year! At 8 weeks old, all he did was chill, call for his next feeding, or fall into deep slumber. Ah, the life of a newborn…

This may have been Easter weekend, but as the pictures will show, it really was a weekend about the kids bonding as cousins:


The girls take a spin in Jason’s ’67 Firebird convertible. This has become an early spring tradition.


The girls riding their wheels. Lauren is enjoying her 1st big kid bike!


Only a year apart, these girls are super close!


Easter Sunday

All 4 kids posing on the Firebird. We trusted the 6 year old with holding baby Jacob. šŸ™‚


Now, just the 3 girls.


Oh yes, there was an Egg Hunt that day too.


Needless to say, there were no naps for the girls this past weekend. You know fun was had when minutes into the drive home, you turn back and this is what you see:


Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. When is the next holiday, again? šŸ™‚

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