You may recall back in this post, a group of my blogger friends and I participated in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange, hosted by the Shabby Grace Blog. Along with that gift exchange, we also did a “thrift item” exchange. We were all directed to purchase a thrift item with a $5.00 price limit.

Since my Secret Santa was Heather from the Dean’s List Blog, she was also the one who sent me my thrift item. Remember how much I loved the gifts that Heather chose for me? Well, when I saw her thrift item, I knew I had myself a challenge.

Why, Heather? I thought we were friends? You are putting me to work! 🙂 All kidding aside, this was such a cool thrift item to flip!

Old Coasters - Before Photo

Do you see all that old school, honey-colored wood grain type of wood? I knew EVERYTHING had to be repainted.

Old Coasters - thrift flip

While there were many pieces to be painted, I was fortunate that I did not have to sand each of these items. Chalk paint is excellent for projects such as this!

I love the “Seaside Villa” color that I used on the coasters.

Old Coaster Revamp Supplies

This is how 1 coat of paint looks. Don’t worry about coverage. Giving it 3 coats will make everything look evenly coated.

Chalk paint over coasters

After the bottom of the coasters have dried, I painted the top while leaving out the center. I wanted to paint the center cork area with a darker colored chalk paint for contrast.

Notice that I removed the metal hardware from the coaster holder.

Front of Coasters

For the center, I applied Waverly Chalk Paint (Elephant color) with a thin-bristled art brush.

Waverly Chalk Paint

All 6 coasters are all painted and ready for next step.

Front of Coasters Painted

This is the FUN part!

I listed the Top 6 Activities that our family enjoys doing together on each coaster! On weekends, the kids can pull one of the coasters out and whichever activity gets selected, we will do as a family!

P.S. New discoveries mean visiting a new restaurant, new town, new museum, and etc.

Family Night Ideas on Coaster

For the top of the coaster holder, I decided to draw a simple monogram to represent our surname.

Coaster cover with monogram

The last step I did for this project was to spray the repainted surfaces with a spray sealant.

Rustoleum matte clear sealant

Here’s how our “Family Night Coasters” turned out! I have to say I’m really pleased with the results. No more old wood grain!

Family Night Coasters - Beauteeful Living

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Family Night Coasters Pin - Beauteeful Living

Thank you so much, Heather, for sending me this thrift item! I really love how this project made me stretch my creativity. Also, big thanks to Sara from the Shabby Grace Blog for organizing this fun thrift exchange!

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Thanks for stopping by the blog! Xo, Tee.

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