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Appearing on a nationally syndicated show like Dr. Oz is one of those things I never expected to add to my list of life experiences. Readers of this blog may recall my announcement here about appearing on a TV talk show. In today’s post, I thought I would share how I ended up on T.V.

First off, it all started last August on the actual day of my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband! Here’s a photo of the sweet gifts my husband surprised me with that morning.

Anniversary Morning

Ever the sweetheart, my husband got me a book entitled, “What I love about you.” All week long, I noticed him working on a secretive project. Apparently, he was filling out answers to the book and adding photos! One of the fill-in’s stated:

According to the paper today, your horoscope is:

Your sixth sense tells you that something big is going to happen over the next few days but there is no need to get anxious about it. Whatever comes your way, be it “good” or be it “bad”, you will make the most of it.”

Wow. My horoscope was dead on! It had been ages since I’ve even paid any mind to my horoscope. Entertainment purposes, right?

Anyway, to celebrate our anniversary, we drove to New York City to spend the day there. During lunch, I received a text from my blogger friend, Lauren from Mom Home Guide, mentioning how she had passed my contact information to a producer of the Dr. Oz show. They were looking for a crafty mom in the New York City area to appear on an upcoming show. Lauren was first referred to the producer by her friend, Carrie who blogs over at Curly Crafty Mom. Are you with me so far? 🙂 (Big thanks to Lauren & Carrie!)

Moments after receiving Lauren’s text, I get an email from an assistant producer about doing a segment on ways to re-use newspaper. She had reviewed my website and thought I would be a great fit. She asked me to give her a call to discuss an upcoming appearance on the Dr. Oz show.

Well, that call ultimately led me to a conversation with the show’s Executive Producer! After I shared some stories of how my mother would find ways to re-use newspaper, the producer officially invited me to APPEAR on the Dr. Oz show! She wanted me to re-tell some thrifty tricks my mom did with newspaper as well as share some of my favorite ways to re-use newspaper.

So that was the cliff notes version of how everything all began.

Now, I’d like to share some exclusive “behind the scenes” photos from my trip to the Dr. Oz studio last September.

Here I am (left) with my friend, Kelli. It’s always good to bring a friend along for crazy experiences like this, right?! She was given a “VIP guest pass” and even got to answer a question posed by Dr. Oz. This photo of the two of us was taken near the ABC studios in midtown, where the show was taped.

Morning Arrival to NYC

For the longest time (even up to the day of the taping), I braced myself for the possibility that my invitation to appear on the Dr. Oz show was a complete hoax. It’s the native New Yorker in me. We have to see it to believe it! Well, once I was walked into my own dressing room, I knew it was actually fully legit!

Dr Oz Green Room Couch

I took a photo of the sign below because I remember thinking…”coffee and a snack would be great BUT I’m too nervous to hold anything in!”

Green Room Sign

I don’t normally do SELFIES but for the photo below I had to make an exception. It seemed way too cheesy to ask someone, “can you take a photo of me getting my hair curled?”

While getting my hair and make up done, I hear actress and comedian, Kim Coles walking in to get her touch up. If I wasn’t in the midst of getting my hair curled, I would’ve asked for a photo with her! Love her!

Kim was so sweet. When I said, “I love you, Kim Coles!” She immediately responds, “I love ya right back!” 🙂

Dr Oz Hair and Make up

Once my make up was done, I knew it was almost showtime. Minutes later, I along with other invited guests were escorted to a lower floor where the actual recording took place!

Behind the blue curtain below is a LIVE studio audience. It felt so cold in this space. The other guests and I all made comments about the room feeling so brisk. One of the producers said, “Wait till you get out in front of the cameras. You will feel warm immediately with all those bright camera lights!” OH-MY!

Dr Oz Behind the Scenes

After being “miked” up, the producer came over to me and went over the questions that Dr. Oz was going to ask me. Up until the day I got to the studio, I was given very little information on my segment. I was glad that once I got to the studios, several producers stopped by my dressing room and prepped me on some of the topics that Dr. Oz would be asking me.

Here’s a still from the recording.

Dr Oz Newspaper Segment - Beauteeful Living

Here’s the video I shared on Beauteeful Living’s Facebook page back in October:

I shared this Dr. Oz segment the other day with my friends & family. Today, I’m so happy to share it with my wonderful Beauteeful Living subscribers! This experience is a perfect example of repressing that thought in your mind that says “you can’t do something” and instead ask “why not? I’m glad I agreed to do this segment. I hope you enjoy it! Xo, Tee #happyfriday

Posted by Beauteeful Living on Friday, October 9, 2015


I received the sweetest compliments from friends, family, and readers about this appearance when I shared it back in October. Most of the comments were about how calm I appeared on T.V. Well, even for an extrovert like myself, I have to say, I was “COMPLETELY” nervous about doing my guest segment. It didn’t help that I was told that they rarely do “retakes.”

So…what got me through my segment looking calm as a cucumber?

I just knew that I had to “woman up” and talk to Dr. Oz as if I’ve known him my whole life. I was not going to faint or stumble on national T.V. That little pep talk I gave myself apparently worked. 😉

The segment fortunately went very smoothly. I heard laughs from the audience members. The producers were telling me I did a great job. My friend, Kelli was also giving me wonderful feedback. After the show, several of the audience members stopped me and mentioned that they enjoyed my segment. Sweet!

It was done. Mission accomplished. I challenged myself to actually accept this opportunity.

You may ask, “what did I get out of this show?” The short answer is … I got a Dr. Oz baseball cap and a “Thank You” note.

The long answer is so much more…

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” – Lewis Carroll

Thank you note from Dr Oz Show

Thank you for making it through the end of this post. I’ve delayed this recap of my experience for far too long. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting some “behind the scenes” coverage of my TV experience in today’s post.

If you have questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks! – Tee

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