Happy. A very simple 5-letter word. But you and I both know…it’s complicated. I just celebrated another birthday and the word on my mind is “happy.” When I was in my early 20’s, I had a different vision of how “happy” would look. I have since experienced many valuable adventures in my life. Stick around my blog because I intend to cover these experiences. Don’t worry, I won’t get too sappy on you. 🙂 These experiences and lessons have certainly shaped my present definition of “happy.” In my mid (ahem) late 30’s, I still have a long laundry list of milestones yet to achieve but somehow, I feel there’s a slice of personal success I feel when I equate it with my sense of happiness. You see, “being happy” has always been a measure of success to me. Any time the age old question would roll around (what do you want in life), I would answer:

“Just to be happy.”

It is not as if I was an unhappy person. It’s just that happiness was always important to me. In my early 20’s, I didn’t quite get the fact that “happiness” is a fluid state. Nobody can be happy every moment of the day. In my 30’s, I’ve learned how happiness is a state of mind that we work on to achieve or maintain.  There is no such thing as being happy and never having to do anything to keep ourselves happy. We simply cannot be complacent about it.

It’s human nature to “forget” recent joys and successes and move on to the next thing. This is why the “100 Happy Days” phenomenon (submit a picture daily through social media with Hashtag #100Happy Days of what made you happy) has connected with so many. What makes us happy is oftentimes already in our lives or within reach. Taking time to reflect on the simple joys already in our life not only makes us more grateful, it also makes us…surprise….happier.

My post on the topic of “HAPPY” does not end with 1 post. Rather, this topic will be revisited numerous times. Personally, I think I’ve unlocked a big chunk of the formula that keeps me happy. I’m listing them below and will elaborate in separate posts in the near future:

1. Cultivate a close and loving family structure.

2. Keep positive people in your circle.

3. Create a home you love.

4. Do what you love. If not for a living, do it as a hobby.

5. Celebrate small victories and the everyday simple joys.

These are 5 of the main things that I’ve invested my time and effort in my late 20’s and early 30’s. They are aligned with the premise and mission of Beauteeful Living. As long as I stick to this formula and remind myself of all the beauteeful people and things already surrounding me, being happy should not be…that complicated.

What habit or belief contributes to your happiness? Like this post or have a comment? As always, I appreciate your thoughts.