If there’s a word I want 2015 to represent for this blog, it is “INSPIRED.” With the beginning of a new year, it is always much easier to feel inspired. My quest this year is to stay inspired all 12 calendar months. In today’s post, I’d like to share with you the 3 Things I’m Inspired To Do More In 2015:

1. Craft Projects 

I have always loved working on crafts. “Time” was always the pesky little kid on the block who seemed to keep me from doing more crafts. This year, however, I’m making it a priority to carve out more time for projects. These projects may include using a sewing machine. I am a total beginner but I’m excited to learn and practice! Can you imagine the endless pillow covers I can be making instead of buying? 🙂

Craft Ribbons

2. Recreate Favorite Dishes

I am so inspired to cook new dishes this year. While the food will be something I’ve eaten for years, it will likely be my first time cooking them. Because it’s not easy to just run out and grab a quick bite of my childhood favorites (typically Asian fare), I want to recreate them and share them on this blog.

Oh yeah, I would love to make a Vietnamese Pho noodle soup like the one below. D-r-o-o-l! 🙂

Pho noodle soup

3. Home Organization

You’ll probably agree that home organization is a never-ending process. I have made strides through the years in getting our home more organized. Nowadays, I realize that if I don’t maintain some sort of organization in the home, I would never find anything. I think know memory cells deplete after having kids. 😉

Throughout this year, I will be sorting through things in my home and creating ways to keep them organized. And if I can get them organized and presented in a beauteeful manner, it’s a double-win! Check out these stylish storage items from The Container Store. This is what I call eye candy!


So there you have it…The 3 Things I’m Inspired To Do More in 2015:

1) Craft Projects

2) Recreate Favorite Dishes

3) Home Organization

As you know, it’s no easy feat to stay inspired all 12 months of the year, especially during the long winter months ahead. I think setting goals of what you want to do more and making a commitment to these goals are good ways to start this quest. I hope you’ll stick around Beauteeful Living’s blog and join me as I share my experiences with these goals. If you’re not already subscribed to the blog by e-mail, please sign up here:

I always save my best for my e-mail subscribers. More on this in a future post!

What are you inspired to do more of this year? Which of the 3 things I listed are you most interested in reading about? I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading and let’s get cracking on being INSPIRED together this year! I cannot wait! Xoxo, Tee