Lilly for Target

You probably heard about the recent “Lilly for Target” collection that became available online and in stores last Sunday, April 19th. When it was announced that Lilly Pulitzer was the latest designer brand to collaborate with Target, I was beyond thrilled. My love for floral/tropical prints is probably equal to my adoration of geometric prints. With Lilly Pulitzer’s bold floral prints, it was only natural for me to love this brand. Forget clothing for a minute, the Lilly for Target collection even had home products…WHAT?! April 19th could not come soon enough.

I started pinning things I liked after seeing sneak peeks of the Lilly for Target collection online. Here’s what I expected to browse through in the stores on April 19th:

Lilly pulitzer collage

Instead, this was what I was greeted with on the morning of April 19th:
Empty Lilly for Target racks collage
All across the U.S., Lilly for Target hopefuls were greeted with these empty racks. If they didn’t get there when the store opened at 8 am, chances are merchandise was already all gone. They say that items sold out within hours. I think 30 – 40 minutes was more like it.

My 3 Takeaways from this experience:

1) Never underestimate shoppers

The Target store I shop at is never packed. I naively didn’t expect people to run out to the stores so early on a Sunday. Since I got home late Saturday night, I was feeling sluggish the next morning. I wanted to enjoy my cup of coffee at home before heading out. I like to live life dangerously. 😉

I knew I was in trouble when I got to Target 30 minutes after opening and saw so many cars already parked. Another bad sign was seeing 2 ladies pushing their carts full of Lilly merchandise out of the store. It was only 8:30 am!

When I walked in, all was calm around the aisles. I guess I had missed all the action already. I think I was more disappointed about not witnessing “the running of the Lilly fans” than not getting the items I wanted.

2) People will always be out to make a buck.

One of the biggest backlashes about this Lilly for Target event was how quickly merchandise sold out. You can imagine there are far more shoppers disappointed than happy since the masses could not get their hands on merchandise. That’s largely attributed to the shoppers who went into the stores, grabbing every piece of Lilly merchandise in sight. Forget checking sizes. This was not about shopping for themselves or for their family. For many, this was an opportunity to “make a buck.”

Instead of the #LillyforTarget event, many dubbed this the #LillyforEbay event. There are tons of merchandise being sold at a significant markup on eBay. Of course, many people are upset by this. Just check out Twitter under Hashtag #LillyforTarget and you will likely see legions of angry tweets.

Note to self: People will always be out to make a buck. You may be the traditional shopper but others may be shopping for profit. Hey, I’m not judging…

3) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You can probably tell from this post that I’m not too upset about not getting what I wanted from this collection. I did manage to get one item from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. Instead of dwelling on what I didn’t get and being upset about not getting there early enough, I chose to be content with what I did get:

A set of pretty drinking glasses pictured in this post.

Since Sunday, I have been drinking “iced tea” out of these glasses. Ellie and Lauren have each declared their own glasses (Blue for Ellie and pink for Lauren). Let’s see how long these glasses last since the kids insist on drinking water out of them during dinner! 🙂

So, our dinners have gotten a little fancier with these glasses on our dining table.

Lilly drinking glasses

With the warmer months ahead, I’m excited to make refreshing drinks and enjoying them in my new Lilly glasses.

Entertaining is a big part of Beauteeful Living‘s blog. I think these glasses are the perfect items to represent the upcoming warm months ahead. I hope you continue to join me in celebrating life’s simple moments and joys!

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Did you shop at the Lilly for Target event or have a comment about this post? As always, thanks for reading. Xo, Tee.