Makeover Wish List - Stair Railings

We’re into a new decade (2 weeks of 2020 already) and leave it to me to start daydreaming of home improvement projects! On Beauteeful Living today, I thought I’d share a part of my home that I rarely feature in my photos… our stair railings!

When you walk into our split-level home, this is the view of the railings:

Metal Stair Railing

There’s no escaping the black wrought iron railings. If they were simply horizontal slats, I wouldn’t be complaining. It’s that sunburst-like circle thing in the center that irks me the most. Is it just me? No one else in my family seems to be bothered by it.

Metal Stair Railing

I do love the fact that the openness of the railings allows us to view the living room and dining space from the foyer. I just wish the railings were more streamlined and modern looking like the photos I’m sharing today.

After looking through countless stairway ideas, I believe that either the “cable wire with wood railing” or “metal horizontal rod with wood railing” combination would best suit my house (and style).

Cable-Wire with Wood Railing Examples

Cable wire railings give such a simple, chic, and streamlined look to stairways.

Photo by RÜMEVia
AD - Brooks-Falotico home-tour
(Photo via Architectual Digest – Brooks-Falotico home-tour)
Metal Horizontal Bar with Wood Railing Examples
The metal horizontal bar look is very similar to the cable railing examples except that the metal bars are obviously sturdier than the cable ones.
Stairware House Round Bar Stair Railing

Now … in a perfect world where nothing needs UPKEEP, I would love to have glass panels in my stairway! Let’s take a moment to swoon at this image:

(I can only imagine the fingerprints I’d have to wipe away.)

Photo via Super Seven Group  

It’s unlikely that I’ll be changing our railings in 2020 (thank you for indulging me as I daydream though). Before we could replace our existing metal railing, we’d first have to replace our hardwood floors. No sense in doing the railings when we’re eventually replacing our wood floors. Yep, I’ll be sharing some hardwood floor options one day soon! 🙂

Do you have a home improvement project on your wish list? I’d love to know.


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