Side Yard Makeover - Beauteeful Living

A few weeks ago, we hosted some friends over at our house for an “end of summer” gathering. Having seen so many updates to our backyard in recent years, one of our friends asked, “Is there anything else left to do in this backyard?” My eyebrows raised and I couldn’t help but snicker inside. Is anything ever done when it comes to the home?

I answered, “Well, there’s still some projects here and there. Have you seen our hot mess of a spot over there?”

Today’s post will walk you through that hot mess, otherwise known as our “side yard.” You knew there would be such a spot, right? Reality check. Forget all those Instagram worthy photos you see, there are always those not so beauteeful areas! Before I get to our side yard, let me remind you of some of the pretty spots:

Pool Area

Inground Pool - Beauteeful Living

Patio Deck Off Our Dining Room

Tropical Patio Dining Area - Beauteeful Living

Right Side of Patio Deck

See that round table with the pineapple? Behind it is a gate leading to our side yard.

Tropical Patio Dining Deck - Beauteeful Living


Drumroll please for the shameful untouched side yard next to our wood deck. This is the area that people hardly see because it’s tucked all the way to the right of our backyard.

In below photo, the sun is shining on our overgrown Rose of Sharon shrub. When in bloom, it’s really pretty with the pink flowers. Let’s just say it’s been a long time since we’ve had it manicured.

Side Yard Before Clean Up

Here goes the empty planters that we no longer use as well as the extra pavers from a previous outdoor renovation.

This is the area that people hardly see because it's tucked all the way to the right of our backyard.

All the lovely overgrown greenery. 😉

This is the area that people hardly see because it's tucked all the way to the right of our backyard.

The photos just get better…

Side Yard Before By Shed


Before you think that my husband and I were responsible for cleaning up our side yard, let me tell you…

We did not. While this is certainly a job that most homeowners can take on themselves, we decided to leave this project for our landscaper. Main reasons? We didn’t have the time or felt like having to haul a bunch of rocks to our backyard. Plus, the quote we received from our landscaper was very reasonable. The entire job cost us $580. What would have taken the 2 of us an entire weekend, it took a crew of 3 guys around 4 hours.

One of the first things they did was trim our overgrown Rose of Sharon shrub. They took off at least 5 feet from the top and 3 feet from each side.

Rose of Sharon Pruned

After all the weeds were pulled, weed mats were laid down around the sides.

Side Yard Clean Up

Even the spot by our holly tree got some love.

Holly Trea Area - Mat Down

Here comes the crushed red stone.

Rose of Sharon Area

Side Yard After Clean Up

SO MUCH better! Look at our extra pavers all stacked up nicely, against our house.

Shed Area - After Photo

I think the squirrels and birds around our neighborhood appreciate the new upgrade! 😀

Holly Trea Area

We need to work on the lawn but our side yard looks 110% better after our landscaper team worked their magic!

Side Yard After - Beauteeful Living

I’m not sure if and when we plan to take the next step to further update our side yard area. It probably won’t be too drastic but if a girl could dream, below are 2 amazing “Side Yard Inspiration” photos that I pinned on my Pinterest account.

Photo 1: Image courtesy of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles

Love the sleek fireplace and furniture! Perfect for a narrow side yard.

Side Yard Inspiration Photo

Photo 2: Image courtesy of Ralph Smith Photography.

I’m crushing on how clean and tranquil this side yard looks!

Side Yard Inspiration Photo

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how our side yard transformed from hot mess to something much more easy on the eyes! Any thoughts on this project? Be back with another post next week!