Important Mother's Day Gift

There were so many ideas swarming around my mind as I thought about this post. After all, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. One of the most important days of the year. Be it, Hallmark holiday or not. If you’re a mother and are reading this, I hope and trust that you will be showered with love this weekend as well as each and every day. For ourselves (as moms), I’d like all of us to give ourselves the “Most Important Gift this Mother’s Day”:

Compassion for ourselves when we experience those “pit in the stomach” moments. 

You know those moments. The times when you think you have done the worst thing ever. That you are letting your child down because you have dropped the ball. Again. These moments can range from forgetting a picture day, missing a swim class enrollment, or forgetting the ever-important “school spirit” t-shirt day. I may be exaggerating. Slightly. 😉

As my kids get older and are involved in more activities, there seems to be higher chances for me to “drop” the ball on something. Anything.

Example: Last fall, I enrolled the girls for Ballet for the first time. Other than 1 or 2 “Observation Days,” there were few opportunities for parents to see the girls dance.

Well, my recent “dropping the ball” incident happened last month at my 7 year-old’s dance class. Every week at pick up, I would walk into a crowded waiting room. That day last month was different though. As I opened the entry door, a bunch of parents were walking out of the dance class. One by one, they walked out with toothy smiles.

Why were they in there? They never let parents in during class. And then it dawned on me…it was class observation day!

Thoughts running through my mind at that moment:

1) Why didn’t I put reminder on cell for class observation day?

2) Was Ellie upset that other classmates had a family member there watching but not her?

Moments into these thoughts, I looked across and noticed that the mom sitting by the door also didn’t make it to the “observation” either. When the class let out, that other mom’s daughter walked swiftly to her and mutters, “you weren’t there to watch me.” The mom’s reply: “I’m sorry, hon. I didn’t know. I just got here.” It did little to console her daughter.

Then, out walks Ellie. Cool as a cucumber. Straight faced. Not upset whatsoever. Just waiting for her Dum Dum lollipop (they pass that out after each class). Whew—my not being there didn’t faze her. She was fine. My independent 7 year old girl. Thank you for not making me feel terrible!

But I still had to say those words:
“Sorry babe. Didn’t know parents were allowed to watch today. Good thing it’s just practice, not the actual show.” She just gave me the “no problem, that’s okay” look.

As I walk out with Ellie, I did the most “mom-like” thing. I said to the other mom:

“Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who didn’t know. I missed the observation show today too.”

The mom gave me a smile. I can see the look of relief and appreciation in her eyes. “Oh good, I’m not the only one. I didn’t see a reminder sent.”

My response: “Me neither. Don’t worry. We may have missed today’s practice but we sure won’t miss their recital!”

She laughed. I laughed cackled. 🙂

So yes, we dropped the ball that day but when it really counts…no way will we goof!! But even if we did, chances are, we wouldn’t be the first nor the last moms to do so. COMPASSION. That’s what I mean. Compassion for ourselves and other moms!

As we enter Mother’s Day weekend, I hope that we give ourselves the gift of compassion in knowing that we are doing the best we can as mothers and caregivers.

We do not have to be perfect to be AWESOME!

Before I close this post, here’s a photo of the kids and me not too long ago. I can hold them forever

The kids and I

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you had any “pit in the stomach” parenting moments lately? Until next week, have a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend! Don’t forget that you are all loved! Xoxo, Tee.