Hey guys! I’m really excited to be participating in a popular design challenge that involves designers and bloggers to transform a room of their choice in a span of 6 weeks. It’s called the One Room Challenge and is hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. An important note is that 20 designers are the official participants of the One Room Challenge. They post their progress on Wednesdays. Bloggers and guest participants such as myself will post our progress on Thursdays. The final room reveals will take place on November 11th and 12th.  EEEK, these 6 weeks will fly by in no time!

The room I decided to make over is Ellie and Lauren’s bedroom. Surprise! Surprise! I’m always thinking about my kids, right? 🙂 Just to brief you guys, we have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 extra guest room in our basement. The girls each had their own separate rooms but that changed about 2 years ago. They apparently prefer to sleep in the same room. I guess we’re all afraid of monsters and ghosts at that age. Tell you the truth…I’m a chicken and don’t want to sleep by myself either!

Let’s get to the photos of the room to be re-done. Just so you know, this room was in the transitional phase. It used to be our nursery room. I hope you believe me when I say that it wasn’t a hot mess like what you see now. We recently removed the crib and what you see here is a wood bed frame on its way out. The white piece of furniture you see on the right is a sneak peek of a part of the bed you’ll see next week.

GirlsRoomBefore - BL

Here’s another side of the room. It’s a small room so not much to zoom out from. Excuse the dusty floors. We were moving furniture around. 🙂


My Top 5 Wish List Items for Room

  1. Maximize wall space – Decorative art is great but adding several shelving units will provide much needed extra storage.
  2. Change color scheme – While I love the 2 shades of green on the walls, I am looking to either repaint the walls or add fun stencils to the walls. At minimum, I’d like to do an accent wall with the “wow” factor. 🙂
  3. Add Reading Area – The girls have their own love-seat (yes…kid-sized) which would be a perfect anchoring spot for their reading area. I’d like to install frame ledges to store and display their books!
  4. Create Fun Ambiance – I want the kids to be excited to walk into their room. While the look and feel will be “modern girl chic” (I hope), I still want it to be age-appropriate. My oldest is 7 and her sister is turning 5 later this month.
  5. Address the Stuffed Animal Situation –  Ahhhh, you can only imagine the number of stuffed animals these girls have by their bedside. I need to find a way to contain them in a beauteeful way! 😉

So… any idea how a girl like me who loves to decorate (especially for kids) would decorate a kid’s room?

I think a look back at the parties I’ve decorated for them would help shed some light on my style. 🙂


pumpkin ballerina party



1. I love the light and airy feel of this inspiration room from Pottery Barn Kids. Love the idea of having a tulle canopy hanging from the wall versus from ceiling. Grey and white walls look great together too!

ORC Inspiration girls bedroom

(Photo via Pottery Barn Kids)

2. Speaking of grey, I  also love this inspiration room from PB Teen. Having white shelving to store neat storage containers and baskets would be wonderful.

ORC Inspiration girls bedroom2

          (Photo via PB Teen)

3. Now, if I wanted to add some drama and glam to their room, I could extract some elements from this inspiration room from PB Teen. I love the touches of gold in this room. Maybe I’ll be bold and add black and white pillows in between the pink hues in their bedding.

ORC Inspiration girls bedroom3

Photo via PB Teen

So, I think I’ll be designing their new room with elements from each of the 3 inspiration rooms.

I can’t wait to transform the existing bedroom into a space fitting for 2 diva princesses! I’m also just as excited to see what amazing projects the other participants come up with for this fun challenge! Check out the link up here to visit all the participants linking up to this challenge. Big thanks to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting!

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Do you have a room you’re dying to update? I’d love to know. Thanks so much for reading! Xo, Tee