I never thought I would need to “re-learn” how to relax. Maybe “re-learn” how to parallel park between 2 cars but re-learning how to relax? Seems absurd but I suspect many people, namely parents, can use a little brushing up in that department.

These 2 guys look like they know a thing or two about relaxing. Show offs!


Our 2 dogs, Roxie and Lola, definitely know a lot about relaxing:


At one time, I’m pretty sure I got the knack of relaxing. What changed? Well, being a parent is likely the biggest catalyst. Add that with being a full-time mom and you have the chief reason why I need to relearn how to relax. Every task seems to rank higher in the “Must Do” list. Relaxing almost never gets scribbled on that notepad. The good news is I’ve come to this realization a few weeks ago.

First Step is always “Identifying The Problem”

Let me set the scene. Right before summer break, both girls were in school and I was home by myself. The weather was warm outside. My pool was calling my name, saying silly things like…Hey, old friend of mine. Come on over and relax. Don’t you worry, no one’s going to be splashing you this afternoon. And definitely, no one will be pestering you with these lines:

“Mommy, I’m thirsty.”

“Mommy, I want a snack.”

“Mommy, I need to go pee.”

I knew I had a problem on my hands when the thought of putting legos away seemed more sensible than lounging in my pool for an hour…by myself. That kind of luxury hardly happens around here anymore.

Fortunately, I snapped out of my moment of fogginess and marched up to my room to change into my swimsuit. That hour of pool time alone felt a-maz-ing. Of course, once I got out, I immediately went right back to my usual business of straightening up my house. Note to self: Must learn to leave housework alone. The last I checked, no one was surveying my home to ensure everything was in its rightful place. And if they did, they may be pleasantly surprised.

Next Step is “Practice Relaxing”

Like most people, when I think of the most relaxing times, I think about going away on vacation. Ironically, thinking about our 2 vacations away this summer didn’t seem very relaxing. After all, traveling with young kids isn’t a very relaxing thought. Packing for myself is always an ordeal alone. Add on the responsibility of packing for 2 others (my daughters) and the task seems daunting. What if I don’t pack enough? What if suitcases get lost? What if I forget a key essential item? I seem to forget that there are places called “stores” that I can purchase such essential items. Look around and there’s likely a Target or Walmart in every major vacation area.

Regarding this whole relaxing thing, I must say I’m making a breakthrough in the past 2 weeks. In fact, I just returned from our week-long family vacation in Orlando, Florida. More about the trip in upcoming post. During recent vacation, I’m happy to report that I’ve had some good practice on “relaxing.”

Hanging by the pool always seems to help.


This trip away certainly served as a good start on my quest to “re-learn” the art of relaxing. I’m hopeful that it’ll all come back to me in the very near future. 🙂

Do you need to re-learn how to relax too? Like this post? Stay tuned for upcoming post on our recent vacation. Thanks for reading!