It’s always special when you and your children experience activities for the first time together. Flying a kite this past Saturday happens to fall under this category for my 2 girls and me. Growing up in Lower Manhattan, kite flying wasn’t necessarily on top of my list of “must do’s” or “can-do’s.” Don’t get me wrong, there are New Yorkers who fly kites. I just don’t know any of these people. They probably all live near Central Park, an area which may very well be in another state. In general, flying a kite is simply not an easy activity to do when you live in the best known concrete jungle in the Northeast. Forget watching out for kite-eating trees. How about watching out for every lamp post, trash can, and fire hydrant while running to your nonexistent open space? Well, that was then. Nowadays, a 5 minute drive is all it takes to get to the nearest kite-flying place: The County Park.

Because it was such a windy day this past Saturday, it simply took no effort for our kite to ascend into the sky. My husband was able to breathe a sigh of relief when he realized that this kite flying activity was taking off (no pun intended) without issue. The diamond-shaped kite our 6 year old (Ellie) received for her birthday was a cinch to put together. We love days when things just fall into place. Here are a few pictures from our kite-flying, leisurely Saturday afternoon.

This is a photo of my 3 year-old (Lauren) flying Ellie’s kite. I was waiting for her to let go of the string by accident (or on purpose) but fortunately that moment never came. This is currently, my new favorite photo. 🙂


Here is Ellie, flying her kite high. She cannot wait to fly it at the beach next!


And here I am getting in on the fun! 


Flying a kite isn’t a time-consuming activity. In fact, l think it’s best to incorporate it into plans you may already be making at the park or beach (weather and space permitting). It’s definitely a fun and relaxing activity for adults and kids alike. With an adult’s assistance, I think kids as young as 3 years old can participate.

By the way, April is National Kite Month. If you do a little research, you may find some kite-flying events in your area. I sure did. If you can’t locate one, just plan your own little event. Happy flying! 🙂

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