Up until a few years ago, I used to think, “Ugh, why do people insist on decorating so early in the holiday season?” I did not need to walk into stores to know which holiday was approaching. All I had to do was drive down a block or two and inevitably there will be that house that is decorated roof to gutters in holiday decor — 2 months early. Well, I no longer get annoyed at that house for being so anxious to do holiday decorating. How can I be annoyed when I, too, have somewhat become that homeowner? Not 2 months early though. Maybe 1 month before holiday. 😉

About a week and half ago, I started pulling my fall holiday bins from our attic. In it, I found all of my favorite fall and Halloween decor items. When I pulled up our orange, leaf-print table cover, out came an idea: Make a mock tablescape for Thanksgiving! I’m 2 months early but you don’t mind, right? Here are some details I’d like to share:


I deliberately used paper napkins, plastic utensils (in classy silver), and twine (in lieu of napkin rings). I don’t know about you but I’d like to spend my time enjoying the company of my guests versus wondering whether that turkey gravy will stain my napkins.

To complete the rustic, no-frills look, I used “twine” to hold utensils together.


I love candles but I’ve always had my reservations about using them due to fire hazard concerns. When battery-operated candles entered the market, you could imagine my excitement. The ones below happen to come with a scented, wax exterior coating. The batteries are time-controlled and even flicker like real candles. I’m sure you’ve seen these in stores by now.


Because my tablecloth was orange and had leaves in the pattern, the last thing I wanted was a runner in the same color or pattern. I went with a runner with gold circles woven into linen fabric. I love how this runner can be used for Christmas as well!



I call this my “everything but the kitchen sink” look. Although this look tends to veer to the country style, I actually don’t mind. My kids love the Raggedy-Ann styled doll figures as well as the owl figurines.

FullPlaceSettingAlthough I’m early for Thanksgiving, I’m definitely on time for fall. If you don’t know already, today is the 1st day of fall! Don’t be upset. Although always busy with lots going on, this is a beau-tee-ful season. There are so many things to look forward to and for which to be thankful. Let me begin by being thankful for that house down my block that keeps me aware of holiday celebrations ahead. 🙂