1 Year Blogiversary

A year ago I did something completely out of character for me. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something frightening.

I started this blog.

I still remember that unsettling feeling I had when I announced to my Facebook friends that my website, Beauteeful Living had gone live. O-M-G! Why can’t I just let “good be” and just continue on my merry little way, living in my little bubble? Did I have to share a part of my life and creative passions online?

A year into this creative process, I’m glad I didn’t let my inhibitions get in my way of starting this website. With this blog turning 1 today, I thought I’d share with you some insights and highlights of my 1st year of blogging.

1) My “Sharing” Comfort Level

Ever since High School, I’ve identified myself as a writer. For years, I had thoughts about writing a memoir, giving insight to some of my experiences. But memoirs are extremely personal. Was I ready? In many ways, this 1st year of blogging has given me a taste of how it is to share things that are personal. Sure, writing about throwing a birthday party or decorating for a holiday may not be the most personal things in the world. But to me, they are personal.

If I can’t feel comfortable about sharing how my dining room looks, I am not ready to share snippets of my life to the world. One of the biggest advantages to doing this blog is that I no longer have this lofty goal of writing a memoir. This blog has provided a platform for me to share my thoughts and experiences. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have my eye on having something published in the future though. It just may not be in a form of a memoir. 😉


It takes a lot of WORK and time! The quality of content means the world to me. I rather put out 1 good post per week than 3 mediocre ones. I am so glad I stuck to my word about “not blogging just to blog” which I highlighted in my very first blog post (link here). If I don’t have anything interesting to say or share, I rather not post it.

Regarding time, I wonder sometimes whether friends or acquaintances think that I have all the time in the world because I blog and dream up projects for my home. Like everyone else, I am always pressed for time. Stay at home or not, mothers are busy. Period. There is always something to be done. Gifts to be bought. Parties to be chaperoning. Laundry to be done. Dishes to be loaded. Wait — I never gave you the wrong impression that my life was all glamorous and free of mundane household tasks, right? 🙂

So yes, between writing posts, editing photos, reading other blogs, and social media, blogging indeed takes a lot of time. Time that I don’t necessarily have but do make a point to carve out.

3) Newbie Blogger Award Nominations

I started this website as a creative journey to document family events, special moments, and share projects that I’m passionate about. To me, Beauteeful Living is a portfolio of my favorite things. In the process of sharing snippets of things I love, I have been fortunate to be given some wonderful feedback.

A big highlight is being nominated for 2 New Blogger Recognition Awards (Sunshine Award and Liebster Award) by fellow bloggers last year. Both took me by surprise. Other people besides my family and friends actually appreciate my posts? How SWEET! I feel very honored.

4) Beauteeful Living’s Name

I came up with Beauteeful as a play on my nickname “Tee.” At first, I was afraid people would misinterpret it as me being pompous. That I think I’m beautiful and everything I have is beautiful.

Well, please allow me to clarify (not that you think I’m pompous).  To me, beauteeful stands for finding “beauty” in our own lives. I’m not only referring to the grand things and moments. I mean the everyday simple things and moments that we often take for granted. If you’ve been around this blog for the past year, I hope that you got that impression. 🙂

5) What Lies Ahead

My 1st year of blogging was really about laying down the foundation of what Beauteeful Living represents. The brand, so to speak. I hope this blog continues to motivate me to start and complete projects that would otherwise have fallen into the “I could never do” category. Of course, sharing some of the special moments that my cozy family of four experience together will still be a part of this blog.

Besides motivation and sharing experiences, another benefit of blogging the past year is being a part of the blogging community. What a friendly and supportive group! Did I mention talented? I find myself constantly in “awe” at the level of talent from the creatives in the blogging world. But more than feeling intimidated, I find myself feeling INSPIRED.

I cannot close this post without sending a “BIG THANK YOU” to all my readers and fellow bloggers who have visited and supported this blog the past year. Your support has been a major factor in this little blog reaching a year old. I’m very excited for this second year ahead and hope that you continue to share this journey with me.

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Here’s to stepping out of our comfort zones to live out our creative passions! With much appreciation, Tee.