There are so many stores that make me feel like I’ve stepped into a Willy Wonka factory. Except, it’s not candy I’m after. Stationery products are among my favorite eye candy items. Unsurprisingly, for my first Beauteeful Finds’ store feature, it was always my intention to feature Paper Source, a store that’s after my heart (and wallet). Here’s a little back story:

As a teen, living in New York City, downtown SOHO was my favorite shopping area. It may surprise you that my favorite store in the area had nothing to do with clothes, bags, or shoes. Kate’s Paperie was the place. From the moment I stepped foot into that store, my mind would be placed in a snow globe of love bubbles. I have always loved paper products, namely stationery.

It was the texture of the paper. It was the vibrancy of the colors. It was the variety in textures and styles. In the sheets, I saw the endless possibilities. It could be framed. It could be used as wrapping paper. It could be made into a card.  If folded properly…even a snazzy envelope! Aside from the beautiful sheets of paper hanging as art on the wall, the stationery shops had every product imaginable I’d covet: Things were pretty. Things were neatly displayed. Things were in chic graphics. Things were…even useful. Who doesn’t need a box of “Thank You” cards at their disposal?

Kate’s Paperie wasn’t the only stationery store I frequented when I lived in the city. Attending high school in the Chelsea area, there were a number of cool stationery stores nearby. My first job after college was located in the Flatiron district. Again, I was fortunate to be in an area where beautiful stationery stores were plentiful.

When I moved to the ‘burbs in 2003, I missed my favorite stationery stores in the city. Although I rarely left with bags and bags of merchandise, I’d always manage to pick up unique items from these stores. Fortunately, years later, to my delight, I stumbled upon Paper Source in Princeton, NJ. I was immediately smitten. I walked in and it quickly brought me back to my youth. It was like being reunited with an old friend. Someone you actually did like from back in the days. I vowed to stop by every chance possible during my trips to Princeton. I’ve stopped by that store many occasions since. Most recently was this past weekend. Below are photos from my visit:

1) The Paper selection – Oooooooh, how beauteeful!

papersource_paper2) So many other products besides paper. I just love all the bright, pretty colors!

papersource_assorted3) The variety included aprons, cell phone covers, tote bags, and more.

papersource_display4) The SIGNS. I have a little (possibly “big”) obsessions with signs. I picked one up during my shopping trip!

papersource_signs5) They even have WORKSHOPS! (Week nights and weekends, usually 2 times a month) Check store for details.


Before I left the store, I brought home their catalog. Guess what’s happening? Yep, Beauteeful Finds blog post later this week! Can’t wait to share with you my favorites. 🙂

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