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When I think of my bedroom makeover for this fall’s One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home, I think of it as a metaphor for a statement I had written in my wedding vows:

“I will always meet you halfway.”

When I made that statement over 11 years ago, I probably didn’t think about the closet my husband and I would be sharing in our first home together. After all, within 6 months of sharing our bedroom closet, I decided to claim it all to myself. The closet was just not big enough for the both of us. My hubby, the nice guy that he is, barely protested the idea. So off his shirts, polos, and suits went…to another bedroom…another room with an even smaller closet.

Two kids later and countless of selfless things he’s done for our cozy family of four, I think it’s only right that I welcomed my hubby’s clothes back into our bedroom. But first, I knew we had to redo the room the proper way.

Make it modern. Make it glam. Make it comfy. Make it functional. Make it all things pretty! Okay, maybe the glam and pretty elements are all of my wishes but hey…I’m willing to share a closet again!

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If you’ve been following along since 6 weeks ago, you’ll recall that one of the biggest reasons why I decided to redo our master bedroom was our need for a better closet system.

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Doing an overhaul of our old closet was not the only goal though. Creating a cohesive look in the “Plain Jane” room with mismatched furniture was another one.

Reminder of how our small master bedroom used to look:

master-bedroom-before-collageNow the REVEAL of our Modern Glam Master Bedroom Makeover:


Closet design and installation by Closet POSSIBLE.


Closet Possible Armoire - Beauteeful Living

Left side is for my hanging clothes.

Closet Possible Armoire Left Side - Beauteeful Living

Middle section of shelves holds both hubby’s clothes as well as mine. The drawers below are all mine! 🙂

Closet Possible Armoire Middle Shelves - Beauteeful Living

Ta Da! All of my hubby’s hanging clothes fit wonderfully in our shared armoire. Closet mission accomplished. Thank you Closet POSSIBLE!


I never thought I would purchase an area rug without patterns but for this room, it works. Layering a fuzzy rug over the shag rug helps to add some interest.


I’m thoroughly in love with our new armoire. Thanks to Closet POSSIBLE‘s sponsorship of this challenge, we paid for the materials “at cost” and the armoire installation was included free of charge.

Getting rid of our old closet was a wise decision. This custom armoire really set the tone for the rest of the room.




Last year, I made a jewelry pegboard organizer for my daughters’ shared bedroom. I was so tempted to swipe it from their bedroom. The two of them, however, aren’t like my husband. They will NOT be okay with me taking over what’s theirs. 😀

Fortunately, I found these pretty brass-colored jewelry hangers at Home Goods.


Love this framed art print above my hubby’s newly painted dresser. This abstract art print was from Paper Source.

Papersource Abstract Art Print - Beauteeful Living

Lately, I’ve been sitting on my new storage ottoman just to gaze at my new armoire. I cannot be the only weirdo person who does that!


The gold and black art canvas below states:

“Life is better when you are laughing.”

This canvas represents my relationship with my husband pretty well. We enjoy comedy and the best times are often times spent laughing at ourselves. So yes… life is definitely better when you are laughing!

Modernn Glam Art and Jewelry Gallery Wall - Beauteeful Living


One of my proudest DIY projects to date is our newly upholstered headboard. Instead of replacing the King-sized Ikea bed in our room, I decided to revamp it. After several coats of paint (Sherwin Williams White Duck – SW7010) and some upholstery work (stay tuned for tutorial), our old bed was transformed into something much more luxe!



The “M” is the initial for our surname. I think taking my hubby’s surname and adding it to mine was a big step to “meeting halfway.” 🙂


The little plants in our bedroom really help complete this modern glam bedroom. Our room is so much more airy and lively with some real greenery.


Isn’t this necklace holder the coolest thing? Even if I never wear this necklace out … who cares? It’s a display piece.


I’m so lucky to have found the painting set above my bed. The bright blooms in the painting were exactly the pops of color I needed in this otherwise neutral bedroom.

By the way, here’s info on the wall paint used:

Sherwin Williams Super Paint (Paint and Primer in One)   //   Finish: Flat    //   Color: Software SW7074




Pillows, pillows, pillows. I love them and can’t get enough of them.

“Together is a wonderful place to be.” Love that pillow from Paper Source. Exactly how we should feel about the relationships we are in.


Our new bedside table from Hobby Lobby is the perfect size for our small bedroom. It also suits the “modern glam” theme really well.


I love pink roses and sentimental box signs.


Here’s the perfect photo to wrap up this incredibly rewarding One Room Challenge makeover!


BIG THANKS to Closet POSSIBLE and my local Sherwin Williams‘ store for their sponsorship of this challenge!


Also, special thanks to Michael Daferede (Daf Photography) for editing and photographing a number of photos featured in today’s blog post.

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Modern Glam Master Bedroom Makeover Pin - Beauteeful Living

So … back to what I said in the beginning of this post. This bedroom makeover is like a metaphor of what I said in my wedding vows:

“I will always meet you halfway.”

I feel lucky to be married to my best friend and college sweetheart for over 11 years. Meeting halfway means a lot of things in a marriage. In our case, it can even mean sharing half of a custom closet. 😉

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