After reaching my decision to start this blog, I told only a select few family members and friends about the project. When I described the topics I intended to cover, I received encouraging words and positive feedback. During these initial discussions, however, there was always this 1 particular question that stumped me:

What do you want your blog to bring

I would scramble for words. My mind would take a pause. “Hmm, what do I really want this blog to bring? Good question. Can’t I just do this just because? Oh no… “just because” is never a good answer. I even tell that to my own kids!

How about doing this for fun? To share some thoughts that come to mind and to offer helpful tips? Share my passions? Come on, one of these answers has to suffice.  Well, I gather not completely, judging from their facial expressions.  I guess it is atypical for new ventures to start out without having much of a business goal behind it.

Well folks, this lies in the most liberating part of starting this blog: There are no monetary motives associated with its inception. The main reasons are already described in both my “About” page & my recent “1st official blog” post. The stakes are extremely low (if any) when it comes to earning any income from my blog. This is solely a creative process. No stress in turning any profit = creative freedom and fun. Yes, I like!

Blogging serves as a creative outlet and hobby for me. Fortunately, my husband is good at his profession! He does not have a choice does not mind so I let him bring home the turkey bacon (at least while the kids are still young). Better that he takes care of the earnings right now anyway. They don’t coin the term “starving artists” for no reason. The last time I checked, writing is still a profession in the “arts.” I definitely have much love & respect for those living this life. Hopefully you do as well! 🙂

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