It’s Friday and I’m making it a Halloween Costume Flashback Day! As a kid, I’ve never dressed up in costume for Halloween. In my experiences growing up in New York City, Halloween was not typically a “fun” day. It was the “will I need to dodge eggs or will the crazies be out in full force” type of day. Even so, I did still manage to have a few fond memories of Halloween.

Most of these fond memories were the funny ones. Like the time my friends and I knocked on the door of a family in the midst of eating their dinner. We can see through their entire apartment. Β It was the son, a teenager, who opened the door. Unprepared for trick-or-treaters, the son conferred with his parents for a moment and what he placed in our bags will forever be embedded in my memory. He gave each of us a preserved plum. A Chinese snack that is sweet and sour. I’m Chinese so I’m very familiar with these preserved plums but to think that they were given as a Halloween “treat” was down right comical. They weren’t even individually wrapped. Yes, we had enough sense not to eat any of them. Still, it was kind of that family to give us a treat. I’m just glad they didn’t give us a scoop of their rice from their meal as a treat! πŸ™‚

Fast forward many, many years. Halloween is not about my trick-or-treating misadventures in Manhattan. It’s more about “who are these girls going to be this year?” Admittedly, I usually drag my feet to get my kids their costumes. Usually, it is because Halloween always sneaks up on me since there’s always so much going on in the fall. But sometimes, I’m just delaying it, in hopes that the girls (my oldest really) will change their mind on who they want to be for Halloween. Well, the stars aligned last HalloweenΒ when both girls agreed with my suggestion: Snow White and the Evil Queen.

Evil Queen and Snow White collageBoth costumes were purchased but I got “semi-homemade” creative with Ellie’s costume. I made her Evil Queen head cover/crown combo by attaching a foam crown to a black head cover. A little sewing and some velcro and an Evil Queen was born! I loved how the kids’ costumes were in the same theme last Halloween.

Speaking of matching, here’s another flashback (circa Halloween 2011) when both girls were dressed up as little “devils.”

Little devils costumes

This year for Halloween, the girls will be dressed as the most famous princess sisters known to man (since last year). I’m sure you have a clue already.

You can imagine that trick-or-treating in the ‘burbs versus the city differs vastly. As an adult, it is far more fun passing out treats to all the adorable trick-or-treating kids! But then again, you’re talking about a city girl who once got preserved plums in her treat bag! πŸ™‚ It’s all good though.

Did you have any favorite HalloweenΒ costume flashbacks or story of trick-or-treating? Like this post or have a comment? Enjoy the lovely weekend ahead!