7 Creative Mother's Day Traditions to Start

Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on me each year. Good thing it’s one of my favorite days of the year so no complaints from this celebration-happy gal! Since the topic of family is a central theme on Beauteeful Living, it’s no surprise why many of my ideas and the things that I do involve gatherings and moments spent with family.

Speaking of moments, I believe in creating memories that are not only lasting but FUN. That leads me to share some of my favorite ideas on how to spend Mother’s Day. While it’s not rocket science on what most moms enjoy universally, I believe these fail-proof ideas all share an element of creativity. Perhaps you’ll enjoy these ideas and incorporate some of them into your own Mother’s Day tradition. 🙂


1) Picnic Brunch Outdoors

Brunch in bed sounds indulgent but how fun would the meal be if it was moved outdoors? I highly suggest giving the meal extra fizz by including some refreshing cocktails. You can check out this wonderful post from Freutcake blog here. Recipes for cocktails included. Alcohol is optional, of course. Don’t forget to pretty up the picnic with some spring themed linen.

Extra credit points for placing blanket on floor and adding pillows for seating! The more you resemble having a picnic at a park, the better.

Picnic from Freutcake

2) Pretend “Professional” Photo Session 

Go to your nearest scenic location and prepare to spend an hour or more pretending you are there for a professional photo session. Exercise your inner “photographer” self and take photos of your favorite people or the beauteeful landscape around you. Take turns with the other “photographers” in your family for double the fun! 🙂

Below is a photo I took of my daughters last year on Mother’s Day. Love this shot!

Kisses for little sister

3) Create a Flower Arrangement

Instead of getting floral arrangements from your local florist, why not create the arrangement together with your mom or your kids? Simply buy assorted bunches of flowers for each participant to create a bouquet for that special mother figure in their lives. I can see this activity being one of the highlights on Mother’s day!

flower basket

4) Favorite Treats for Mom

For the special mom in your life that you wish to celebrate, why not forego the usual gifts and give her a basket full of her favorite treats? Most moms I know nowadays are coffee fans. This basket created by Simply Made Fun is spot on. Visit post here for all the details.

Last year, I created a “snack” basket for my mother-in-law. She loved it. 🙂

Coffee-Gift-Basket via simplymadefun

5) Host a “themed” Mother’s Day Party 

Throwing a Mother’s Day party sounds like such a sweet idea but throw in a cute “theme” with the party and you have yourself a celebration that will be talked about for days! How fun is this “flamingo” themed Mother’s Day party from Laura’s Little Party? Read full post here. I love how glam and pretty everything looks! I’m all about those paper lanterns. 🙂

Flamingo themed Mothers Day Party via CatchmyParty

6) Day Trip to Somewhere New

One of my favorite activities is venturing off to new places and walking through towns. Dining and shopping seem to go hand-in-hand when visiting new towns, so you know I’m all over this “day trip” idea!

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to take a little drive to a nearby town or city. Typically the weather is nice and merchants are usually all open for this heavy foot-traffic day. You know restaurants will be fully staffed that day.

Yep – Moms are not looking to cook that day! 😉 

Peddlers VillagePhoto source: Peddlersvillage.com

7) Bucket List Check Off

Give yourself another reason to complete another one of your life’s goals by setting Mother’s Day to be a day where you finally complete that activity off your bucket list. Since Mother’s Day is a “family” day, how wonderful would it be to have others in your family join you on completing that task on your bucket list?

Perhaps this can be an annual tradition where you bring your mom or mother figure in your life to do something that she’s wanted to do but hasn’t yet had the opportunity. You get to be the rockstar who helps check that off her bucket list. Sweet!

Bucket list check off

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7 Creative Mother's Day Traditions to Start - Beauteeful Living

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Mother’s Day activities shared in today’s post. However way you choose to spend this weekend, I hope you spend it with your loved ones and start your own annual tradition of fun activities for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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