Azaleas 1

You are amazing. Remember that.”

Those 5 words printed on a mug mean so much to me. It was one of the gifts I received this past Mother’s day. Who doesn’t like sweet and motivational sayings printed on things? You may not be able to tell from this photo but this mug is HUGE.

I’m talking “3 coffee mugs combined” huge.

I’m talking “nuke your coffee 10 times because it will get cold” huge. 🙂

As you can see from photo above, I decided that this mug will better serve as a vase. The azaleas I clipped from our garden fit perfectly in it.

I want to get back to the message on this mug:

“You are amazing. Remember that.

If you’re like me, you don’t walk around town thinking about how “amazing” a person you are and the impact you are making in the lives of others. In the midst of all our responsibilities and commitments, we (as adults) tend to brush over the positive things that we do and accomplish.

I wish we would give ourselves more credit.

In addition to my new “vase,” my 4 year-old said something recently that sparked the idea for this post:

Lauren started softball this spring. She is probably the youngest and shortest most petite player on her team. Her bat weighs more than her. As far as her softball abilities, let’s just say she is far from being a star player on her team. But she LOVES playing and has the biggest smile on her face at the games.

Lauren in softball uniform

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren played her best game. She didn’t need a “Tee” during her 3 times at bat. Her little legs even ran home 2 times! When my husband congratulates her after the game, Lauren responds without hesitation:

“I was amazing!”        {Oh…my…gosh. So funny!}

Because Lauren did so well at that game, she was even given a “shout out” on the softball team’s Facebook page. When we read Lauren her claim to fame “write up,” our little 4 year-old says,

I am so proud of myself.”      {Oh…my…gosh. Even funnier!}

That statement made my week! Ah, to be so confident and unapologetic at feeling and being “amazing.”

So, if a 4 year old can recognize and appreciate her accomplishments, I think we, as adults, can do the same! While we’re still on the subject, I’m feeling amazing about all the things I plan to share in the next few weeks. If you’re new to Beauteeful Living, you can subscribe via email here:

Until next time, I hope you take a moment to realize how amazing you are. If you need my mug turned vase to remind you, please let me know. 😉

Have a thought about this post? I’d love to hear it! Xoxo, Tee.