Not so breaking news: Summer has arrived. If you’re like me, you’re thinking about how with a blink of an eye, the season sails away. This is why every summer event is so precious to me. Fourth of July has always been a big event in our household. Once Chris and I became homeowners and had the outdoor space, we hosted pretty much every year. In 9 years, we’ve probably only skipped 2 years of hosting. We’re definitely not skipping this year. Aside from spending time with close family and friends, decorating for the party is my favorite part of hosting. No surprise there. 😉

Speaking of decorating, here are some beauteeful elements that will help make any Fourth of July party stand out.

1) Outdoor Lanterns (Paper lanterns in clusters always make a big statement.)


 Source: Better Homes & Garden (Link)

2) Picnic Table Set-up (I love picnics and so do my kids. Who wouldn’t want to join this cozy setting?)


 Source: HGTV (Link)

3) Festive Stars on Lawn (Simply cut star shape out of a cardboard and sprinkle flour. Ingenious!)


Source: Better Homes & Garden (Link)

 4) Dressed-up Table (Having a festive tablescape serves as “eye-candy” for party-goers.)


Source: HGTV (Link)

Stay tuned for a future post on which of these 4 elements I decided to incorporate into our Fourth of July party. Did you have a favorite? Like this post? Thanks for reading :).