Outdoor furniture. You want them. You buy them. You often regret them. They are the trickiest things to buy because unlike most indoor furniture, outdoor furniture will most certainly get destroyed. Nodding yet? It’s hard to resist them at the stores or online. You buy them naively convincing yourself that it will look great in your yard, stay glossy and bright, and will be enjoyed season after season. I’ve been that person. Probably still that person. This is why I don’t mind shopping at big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot as well as online giants such as Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair. They are filled with reviews from others and have good return policies (sometimes items look better online or in stores).

Here are some outdoor “Beauteeful Finds” that I’m drooling over or seriously considering purchasing:

1) Egg-shaped Swing Chairs (This is a big drool item for me. Maybe one year after my current swing chair runs off with the wind.)


NOTE: All prices below are “Subject to Change”

Left: Lowes – $447.00 *Swing also found at Overstock.com

Right: Home Depot – $425.00

2) Firepits (We need a firepit to replace the one that “disintegrated” last year after 3 years of use. I suggest getting a firepit that is wide and deep. Don’t waste your money getting small models. There needs to be enough space to burn at least 6 logs. Better fire for gathering around roasting marshmallows!


Left: Wayfair – $171.98

Middle: Home Depot – $189.00

Right: Lowes – $99.00 ($69 if purchased by 5/12/14.)

3) Outdoor Fireplace (If you have the space in your backyard, I think one of these outdoor fireplaces would be awesome.)


Left: Lowes $166.00

Right: Wayfair $156.22

4) Sunshade Structures – (We desperately needed one of these for our wood deck off dining room. It is brutal sitting out there during summer months. Patio umbrellas just don’t cut it. We debated between the 2 choices below. Find out whether we purchased the pergola or canopy in upcoming post!)


Left: Lowes $588.00

Right: Lowes $498.00

Are you looking for Outdoor things? More Beauteeful Outdoor Living items to be featured later this month. 🙂

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