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Wow, we’re just 1 week away from the reveal of my corner office makeover as part of the One Room Challenge (ORC), hosted by Calling It Home. If you’ve missed any of my updates (as a guest participant), you can catch up on the links below:

ORC Guest Participant

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Since I’m trying to wrap everything up by this weekend, I will keep today’s post short and sweet. How about some chic office accessories as a preview for next week’s full reveal? I’m so excited to finally start styling my little “office nook” in my living room! Here are some of my finds this week:

Office Organizers:

Here’s a jewelry box that I’ll be using to place hair bands for my 2 daughters. You may recall from Week 1 that my office nook will also double as my “mama salon” area. 😉

Geometric jewelry box

I also found this desk organizer during my recent shopping trips. This will keep pens, scissors, and some paper files neat and easily accessible. I plan to add some prints to the front photo pockets to give this organizer some color! 🙂

Desk organizer

Bookcase Organizers

Earlier this week, I stopped over to my nearest Ikea center to purchase some organizers for our shelf. Fortunately, I didn’t leave empty-handed.

Here’s a chic bookcase “cube divider” I purchased. Love the gold color! I actually purchased 2 of these for my bookcase. Not bad for around $15 each.

Book case divider

Since I needed some boxes to corral paperwork, I picked up 5 of these white file boxes. Although made out of cardboard, these boxes are quite sturdy. Can’t beat the $8 each pricetag! Pretty cool that these boxes have lids too.

White File Box

Table Lamp

One of my favorite purchases this week has to be this LED table lamp: (It responds by touch!)


Cantilever LED Desk Lamp

That’s all the previews for now, my friends. I have to get cranking on finishing up my shopping list. Ugh, did I mention to you that I still haven’t purchased my chair for my desk yet? Well… it will have to be done by end of this week. Wish me luck!

How about a gorgeous photo to end this post? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this inspirational photo from Laura Burleson Interiors that I shared on my page. My corner office won’t look like this but the light and bright feel is what I’m going after! 🙂

Corner Office Inspiration

Thanks for checking in on week 5’s progress! Don’t forget to follow along my Instagram and Facebook accounts for peeks before next week. Also, you can check out Week 5’s posts from the 20 designers here and the guest participants here. Enjoy! ? Any thoughts on today’s post?” Please comment below.