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It’s week 4 of my guest participation in the One Room Challenge (ORC), hosted by Calling It Home and my little “corner office” is starting to take shape. If you’ve missed any of my updates, you can catch up on the below links:

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On the blog today, I thought I’d share 4 Important Tips for Assembling Furniture. One of most gratifying things about participating in these ORC makeovers is how much more self-reliant I’ve been in accomplishing these makeover tasks. Besides not relying on anyone (ahem…my husband) to do any part of painting projects, I also no longer ask for help assembling furniture that 1 person can do alone.

Since I’ve done multiple furniture assembly projects, I thought I’d share the 4 most helpful and important tips to keep in mind when assembling furniture: (Today’s post contains affiliate links.)

Tip # 1:

With manual in hand, do a complete inventory of all parts and hardware pieces before putting anything together.

Nothing is worst than being halfway through assembling something and realizing that you’re missing an important piece for your project. On Christmas eve many years ago, Santa delivered a large dollhouse without a roof! Let’s just say the elves figured out too late that some parts were missing. Nowadays, we never assume that everything is provided in the package!

Newport White Desk - Assembly Instructions

Tip # 2

Place your pieces on a soft surface during assembly. 

As you can see, I placed our desk parts on top of our large area rug in our living room. I didn’t want any of the wood pieces to scratch during the assembly project. I’ve made some slight nicks in the past with other pieces so didn’t want to repeat that mistake. If not on a rug or carpet, consider placing pieces on top of a large blanket or flat sheet.

Desk Parts

Tip # 3

Assemble large or heavy furniture pieces in the room the furniture will be placed.

Our writing table came in a large package so after opening the box, I had all the pieces individually brought upstairs to our living room. No sense in assembling it downstairs by our family room (lower level) when it eventually needed to be brought upstairs! This may seem like an obvious tip but believe me, I’ve heard stories of people assembling large items (even toys like indoor trampolines) only to find out that they can’t get the item through the doorway!

Desk Parts - Assembly

Tip # 4

Read online reviews for any insight on assembly process.

Whenever I purchase items online, I ALWAYS read the reviews left by customers. I don’t care so much about how many stars they rate the item. Rather, I read more into the comments and feedback provided. I don’t always let a few negative reviews prevent me from ordering the product if I really love the item or if the item has also received a bunch of otherwise positive reviews.

If you read through the comments, oftentimes you will find reviewers who provide helpful feedback on the installation process. They may tell you that the job requires more tools than the manual specifies or that the job is really a 2 person job.

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4 Important Tips for Assembling Furniture - Beauteeful Living

I was so pleased with how easy this writing table was to assemble. It took me less than 2 hours to complete by myself. I really LOVE the quality of the materials and how high end this Home Styles Newport White Desk looks despite it costing less than $200! There’s so much space on top and those 2 drawers will come in handy. How pretty are the metal handles?

Newport White Desk Assembled

Want to know how I know this furniture piece was different from other desks I’ve assembled before?

There’s this nifty lever piece that connects the drawer pieces together! I’m confident that this design is going to prevent those drawers from coming apart. One of my biggest gripes with drawers is how they come apart after time goes by! You guys know what I mean, right? Well, I think having this metal lever that connects the pieces together is going to prevent that from happening. Fingers crossed.

Newport White Desk drawer assembly

Now that my Home Styles Newport White Desk is all assembled, I can start planning around that blank wall space. I know there’s a lot of white right now, between the white bookcase and writing table. I assure you, there will be plenty of color injected into this corner space within the next couple of weeks!

Corner Office White Desk - Beauteeful Living

My To Do list So Far:

  1. Purge and organize bookcase items
  2. Clean, Sand and Prime bookcase
  3. Repaint bookcase
  4. Purchase and assemble writing desk
  5. Repurpose vintage armchair or buy new one (Update:Planning to buy new chair)
  6. Purchase small accent rug (Update: Repurposing an existing accent rug)
  7. Purchase organization files/cubes for bookcase
  8. Paint and install wall storage shelves
  9. Create small wall art decor
  10. Style corner office for reveal post

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