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I feel like I’ve been living in a flower shop for the past week and a half. If you’ve been following Beauteeful Living on Instagram, you probably notice that over half of my posts are floral related. I cannot help it! I….LOVE….flowers.

When my kids had their first recital (link here), I knew that flowers will be scattered throughout our home for the next week. Oh…I was a happy girl. Today, I’d like to share easy ways of “Enhancing Store Bought Flowers.”

Here are the bouquets our daughters received:

Recital Flowers in vase

1) Yellow Rose Bouquet

Since the rose bouquet only came with the roses, I added clippings from the shrubs in our garden for pops of green leaves. These were long stemmed roses that I cut short to fit in a small round vase. A pretty ribbon wrapped around the vase completes the look I was after.

yellow roses in vase

2) Orange Rose Bouquet

With the orange roses, I decided to pair them up with the peonies from our garden. Who says peonies and roses can’t co-exisit? 🙂 I love the contrast of the pink and orange blooms. Look how fluffy!

peonies and roses - beauteeful living

3) Fuchsia Rose Tropical Mix

I didn’t have to do much with this pretty arrangement. All I did was clip the ends to allow better water absorption. Instead of placing the bouquet in a clear vase, I decided to place it in a blue pitcher. The pitcher was the perfect height for this bouquet.

Mixed flowers in pitcher

4) Hydrangea and Chrysanthemum Bouquet

For the hydrangea and chrysanthemum bouquet mix, I decided to place it in a short, square-shaped vase. At the bottom, I added a leaf from our Hosta plant. It adds an extra touch of “tropical” to this look.

hydrangeas in square vase

As you can see, simple touches are all you need to “enhance store bought flowers.”

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Enhancing Store Bought Flowers - Beauteeful LivingDo you have a favorite arrangement out of the 4 featured? By the way, may I suggest that you get some flowers for yourself this weekend? 🙂

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P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post on how our kitchen looks today (8 years after renovation)!