Flower and garden show cover

Chances are your conversations with people these days are about the weather. It…has…been…beyond…FRIGID around here lately. I’m convinced that most people start to feel like they’ve morphed into hermit-crab status by mid-February. It simply takes a lot of motivation to venture outdoors these days. A couple of weekends ago, however, I had a 2 hour escape from the winter landscape when I attended the 13th Annual New Jersey Flower & Garden Show. If I needed some pep in my step for the spring flowers and plants to come, this was the place. I hope you enjoy this picture-heavy post!

1) Walking in, you were greeted with trees, plants, and beautiful flowers. Nothing like tulips to make you wish for spring to arrive.

Flower show entrance

2) Take a look at these beauteeful flower displays. Don’t they remind you of centerpieces at weddings?

Garden Show Bouquet 1

3) Below are 2 more centerpieces that received awards at this year’s show.

flower show bouquet 1

3) These wreaths using real flowers, leaves, and branches are simply gorgeous.

Flower show wreath 1

4) Here are 2 more more award-winning wreaths from the show. There’s such artistry in the way these wreaths are arranged. I love the varying textures and pops of color.

Flower show wreath 2

5) Check out these “themed” displays. I feel like I stepped into someone’s backyard.

Flower show displays

6) I have a thing for roses so naturally I love this arrangement.

Orange rose arrangement

7) I find orchids to be the quintessential “chic” flowering plant. This would make a nice centerpiece for a dinner party.

orchid arrangement

8) This is probably my favorite flower arrangement of the day. I love the monochromatic color scheme of the flowers against the pearl accents. And having it placed on top of a gold doily and teal box makes this centerpiece extra glam. Not bad when you consider how these flowers are just chrysanthemums.

Round flower arrangement

Attending this year’s NJ Flower and Garden show got me excited about the spring months ahead. As of today, we have 24 more days before spring arrives! After seeing these flowers and plants, I cannot wait for flowers in our garden to bloom. I’m inspired to make some floral arrangements of my own. 🙂

Do you have a favorite from my highlights from the show? Until next time, I hope you keep warm and enjoy the thought of spring flowers to come. Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo, Tee.